It started innocently enough..

11.28 – Hey Furie.Is your name means that you are angry?

But I wasn’t actually online at that time, and it continued…

11.36 – Hello.Furie.
11.40 – Hey again.Send me if you are here.iam waiting you.
12.03 – Furie.Please.Reply me.
15.52 – Reply me.Dark furie.

At this point I did come online, saw five comments, and thought better of replying. But it still continued.

Next Day

15.05 – Why you don’t reply me?
18.42 – Hey.Furie.How are you ?

Well, I’m starting to think you’re a bloody stalker. Thanks for asking…

19.00 – I would like to be your friend.Do you accept ?

Strangely enough no. You start off by sending me five damned messages in a tiny timespan and expect to come off as friendly? I actually sent this to him as a reply.

19.07 – Furie.Iam so sorry if my messages worried you.iam really sorry.

Well, all’s well that ends well.

19.17 – Furie.I hope you accept my apologyz.

Okay, get the point!

Next Day

18.36 – Furie.Hey.Where are you ?.I am waiting you.

Hmmm, I’ve just noticed that Widsets doesn’t have an ignore or block feature…
Next Day

10.40 – Where are you?.Furie.Why you don’t reply me.?

Next Day

9.43 Where are you?.Furie.

In the words of our lord Jesus Christ as he gave the sermon on the mount, “Piss off and get the point you stalking moron!” I’m not going to add you as a friend because you’re not my friend. You haven’t earned my friendship and I don’t deserve yours either. Yes I may have a cool member photo, and yes that member photo may have long hair but I’m a guy, so stop jerking off over me and get a smegging life! Look, you can even see stubble on the photo. How’s that affecting your rhythm?


68 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. It has a social bookmarking feature, including the ability to send messages to the Widsets inbox of the person that bookmarked the item, follow someone else's postings, etc etc

  2. Oh. Than how did people send you messages from that? Sorry, I'm not to bright on this stuff. Never heard of these things.

  3. If I were some young girl who was experimenting with her phone I'd probably have been scared off by something like this. All because some people have no idea how to react around others while online.

  4. Widsets. It's a mobile widget platform, what I use to bookmark the news stories I'm reading so they appear in the feed on my sidebar.

  5. Isn't it ironic that after he has been told that you didn't approve of being sent so many messages in such a short timespan, he then sends another two in ten minutes? Someone was clearly paying attention. :rolleyes:I was sure that the lord Mik Furie made a good statement about this. A quote-worthy statement, in fact, if only I could find it. :down:

  6. Which with guys normally means he's a chauvenist sending them to a "little woman" who can't handle it. Didn't stop him sending though.

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