Not Dead Which Eternal Lies

Mock not the crows of Swan Point, for they are the guardians of these souls which here linger…

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is one of my favourite writers in the past couple of hundred years, bringing such wonderful tales as the Dunwich Horror and the Call of Cthulhu. The quote that starts this post is from his eulogy, when he was interred in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence. Since that time his grave has become one of the most photographed gravestones in the world.

So it came as a shock to writer Caitlin R Kiernan when she was asked by a security guard to not only stop taking photographs, but to delete the ones she had already taken. Of course she refused to delete her photos, stating the fact that she and her friend, Spooky, had been coming there for ten years to pay respects and take photographs and had never been challenged before. Then the guard got abusive.

Immediately he ordered Spooky to “delete” those photographs. She, politely, questioned this, pointing out that she’d checked the website before we came and there was nothing up there forbidding photographs. He said he didn’t care what was on the website or what she’d read. Annoyed, I turned and continued walking towards the tree, figuring she could handle herself and that the worst that could happen is that we’d be told not to take any more photographs. However I’d only taken two steps when he began shouting at us about “having no respect for the dead” and ordering me not to turn my back on him. As I turned back to face the man, Spooky asked if he had any respect for the living, and I suppose this was some form of provocation. He unleashed a stream of profanities against Spooky and me, both.

The tale goes on to describe the man. He was white, late middle aged, seemed to have three or four days beard growth and spoke with a heavy regional accent while acting like a “drunkard or someone intoxicated.” I can’t help but wonder if this man was really a man at all? Surely anyone who has read Lovecraft’s work recognises this security guy as a hybrid creature; a human mixed with one of Dagon’s deep ones.. The slurred speech and heavy accent, not taking care of his appearance, acting crazy at the slightest provocation. It all fits, and now they know that I know. I must warn the world before they get here. I must…

Oh God, they’re at the door, clawing their way in. I haven’t much time left. He has risen! They…

…please save…


22 thoughts on “Not Dead Which Eternal Lies

  1. Nice find Clean. I've got the complete collection on my book shelf though, but it's a good addition to the post. 😀

  2. It's a three volume set. Lost them when we moved and took years to track them down again, but I got them. I think some of them are still terrifying today, but in a way our books don't try to be anymore.

  3. Green with envy, Mik! I'd love the complete collection! I've got "HP Lovecraft and Others – Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Edited by August Derleth", which is sort of one in a series (but the only one I managed to get). Unfortunately, it didn't have my favourite story in it (The Shadow Out of Time), which was how I found that site (went looking for that story).You might get a laugh out of this, too. 😉

  4. That reminds me, I wanted to ask you story guys if you'd be willing to create some text/prc files of individual stories so people can download them and read them later, perhaps when the web is down on their phones. :left:

  5. I'm a fan of that style in printed form. Can't do it with digital. I need a quick read, no more than five minutes tops on my phone.

  6. PRC files allow you to publish your stories as individual e-books available through the Mobipocket book reader for both desktop and mobile phones. You can set them to free or even sell them and they'd be bought through the reader.As far as I can tell it's as simple as downloading the software and pasting your text in there. They benefit from real page definitions, a front cover, the ability to add contents pages that link to other parts of the book, descriptions for certain words and the inbuilt ability for users to check any word with their built in dictionary, amongst other things.

  7. Me? Sure. But … what's a prc file (although, I can do .txt, of course). Is there a word limit? Do I just upload to my files and provide a link on a post or my links section? Y'know … questions like that … 😉

  8. For basic text files I'd add them to the bottom of each post you convert. That way someone can get a copy of each story they really like. If you can make them read only that'd be cool, and of course add a link to your page at the bottom as well as copyright info so that people know where they story came from in case they get distributed.

  9. You'll want to start here. I've been meaning to ask Mart about putting together an anthology, or maybe some one sheet presentations using that. You'd both get a push on this page.

  10. I've got all H.P. Lovecraft's stuff – probably the same trilogy you have, Mik. I think his horror stuff is great, but the dreamland stuff is a bit hit-and-miss.Ever read any Brian Lumley? His early stuff used a lot of stuff from the Cthulhu Mythos.An anthology? :eyes:

  11. I've been trying to collect the Necroscope books. I just can't find the second one anywhere and refuse to skip ahead. :knight:.Yeah I was thinking you could release what you've done so far (after the conclusion of your serial of course) as an anthology in e-book format.

  12. The Necroscope books are great, especially the early ones. I have all 14 (or is it 15 now?). But I got them all on Amazon – shops are useless these days.I was aiming to reach the 100 story mark before an anthology came out. I'm about 2/3 of the way there :D.

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