The Re-Education Of The Female

Dante Moore is 33 years old, a computer engineer, has an 11 year old child from a previous relationship, a girlfriend of two years and says he’s never found true love. He’s also the unlikely author of The Re-education Of The Female, a recent addition to the bestsellers list that teaches women how to make a relationship last. Anyone interested in the jewels of wisdom contained in this book, which is flooding off shelves by the way, aimed at making women better at relationships?

“Men never really ask for anything. They command. And believe me, what you wont do, ten broads round the corner will.”

This from someone whose longest relationship is two years? Wonder if he’s ever thought about changing his expectations to reasonable ones instead of writing a guide designed at turning women into his own personal slaves.

“When you go to the grocery store to shop, do you pick out the nastiest-looking, most rotten, smelliest piece of fruit or meat you can find? Oh, you don’t? Why not? It’s the same with men when they see baby elephant sized, out of shape women.”

How many of my female readers are starting to get angry now?

Lets look at this a different way though. There are dozens of books out there which tell women what to change in their men and how best to change it. Almost every women’s magazine has some article (One article in Kim’s magazine stated that turning off the power is a good way to get a guy away from video games. If I lost a save game containing almost two hundred hours of play racked up over months of spare time, just because my girl killed the power so we could spend more time together I’d be pissed!) in it about how to change things in men (I still remember seeing a copy of Cosmopolitan with “Why All Men Are Scum” in big letters on the front cover). Dante Moore may very well be a pig trying to enforce his own mysogonist views onto women because they’re too individual to follow his every command, but he’s only doing to women what they’ve been doing to men for years. He’s trying to create something totally for his own needs without taking the other person’s needs into mind.

So this post goes out to everyone that’s bought that book, to every guy who wants his woman follow his every command, to every woman who tries to change her man to fit her ideal view. Stop it. Stop acting like an idiot. If you love someone, you love them for the things you have in common as well as your differences. If you can’t love them fully without changing them into someone they’re not then you shouldn’t be with them. End of. No conversation. Consider that the things you’re trying to change may be exactly what someone else is looking for in a relationship, get a life and end the relationship if something bothers you that much.

A relationship is a partnership. You shouldn’t need a book or magazine article to teach you that any partnership is about give and take. No-one should be trying to change the other person. No-one should be looking for ways to change themselves. You look after each other and use your strengths to help cover each other’s weaknesses. Simple isn’t it? Shame so many people are too lazy to try respecting others and more willing to completely change themselves and their partners for an easy life.


43 thoughts on “The Re-Education Of The Female

  1. That guy is a twat..:lol: when someone proclaims how to have a long term relationship I expect them to be married for at least a while.. If not married then at least 5 to 7 years.. Practice what you preach eh..As for content and what I deduce from what you quote the guy obviously is one sided in his relationships and no wonder he haven't had longer relationships.. Except if he thinks 2 years is long.. :doh:

  2. I always say, personality comes first. You're not gonna spend your life with someone's body staying exactly the same after all. Anyone who puts so much stock in looks (male or female) is rather immature in my opinion, and not going to last in a grown up relationship. You need to be compatible on a personality level. This guy seems to want a woman without a personality unless it's a subserviant one. The trouble is women are actually listening to him. I swear, if the world ends up full of puppets I'm gonna be first in line to take this guy's head.As for people saying they like a certain type because that's all they can get, that's a very shallow point of view. People have very different tastes. Not counting fetishes, people like different physical traits in others as much as they like different psychological traits. Some guys like tall women, some like short. Some of us like curvy girls, others may like skinny rakes. Some like blondes, others prefer brunettes or redheads. For every definable physical trait there will be someone who likes each and every part of the spectrum. It's personal taste, not just taking what you can get.

  3. Sounds like an idiot. I read about it in the newspaper. He thinks women should follow orders from men. Not all of us are like his dumb girlfriend, some of us can think for ourselves![/QUOTE]….Oh, you don't? Why not? It's the same with men when they see baby elephant sized, out of shape women.[/QUOTE]No, it didn't offend me…. I don't think this is true at all though! There are lots of (I know you someone will get angry now, but this is a Positive Theory here…which means it resulted from observations) fat, ugly and even baby elephant sized women in Adelaide (my city) with boyfriends. There are many good looking, smart women without boyfriends. My theory is the latter have found out that all guys in Adelaide are complete idiots. So perhaps the only girls guys here can get are the not so good ones. These are the guys who say 'I'd rather have a size 12+ girlfriend' Yeah, well you're not going to say you'd rather have a size 10 or less girlfriend if all you can get are the ones who complain coridoors aren't 'obese friendly' 🙂

  4. And David's latest story – Barefoot & Pregnant For A Happy Life has topped the estsellers list for the third week in a row.

  5. We end up in a world where people need to have the perfect size, the perfect weight, the perfect job. And if we date someone that don't fit into that description, we much be stupid.:bomb:Excuse me, but WTF! A skinny guy can love – what you call – an elephant sized woman, because she is her, not because of what she looks like. What matters to me is personality.

  6. Now … hang on … two years is his longest relationship, he's never found his true love … and he's got a bestseller …I'd better start writing! I met my true love twelve years ago and have been married for ten … :devil:

  7. Good post Mik, well said. :up: Now where's your book on the subject? Did you contact him with a link to your post? :D"If you need some relationship advice from The Re-Educator, I can do that too." 😆 and the error message, you might get one but don't worry I will still get it.

  8. That I'm not joking is for ppl to really buy it – but I wonder how many ppl will sue him because of their loved dies from laughter…

  9. You know you have to read it as a sarcastic book – like a joke-book.Laughed my ass off from the quotes – so I guess he made it as a joke 🙂

  10. I never thought that kind of books could be bestsellers. But obviously I am wrong. People are seeking for instant advices on different matters, instant relationships, instant fun, instant food,…. instant life.What happened to mankind?

  11. It's a serious book by someone who seriously has an ego problem. And that's ME saying that.The world lost itself when it started relying on things to do everything for it. Once we had computer spellcheckers to test our spelling, microwaves to cook our food, beds that adjust themselves to your posture, etc, etc, we forgot how to do things for ourselves.

  12. 😆 I think we should get all of these "so-called experts" into the shrink to get their heads probed examined analysed. :devil:

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