Winged Cats

Cats are evil!

You know it. I know it. Even the evil cats themselves know it. They always have been evil, they always will be evil. But some are more evil than others…

"Cutaneous asthenia ("weak skin") is a skin deformity characterised by abnormal elasticity and stretching of the skin. Pendulous wing-like folds of skin form on the cat's back, shoulders and haunches. Even stroking the cat can causes the skin to stretch and tear. The flaps may include muscle fibers allowing some movement, but the cat cannot flap them in a bird-like manner though the wings may bounce up and down when the cat moves.

Cutaneous asthenia is caused by a collagen defect. Collagen is the protein that binds the cells of the dermis together. It is also called dermatoproxy and hereditary skin fragility or cutis elastica ("elastic skin") and is found in humans (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or EDS), dogs, mink, horses, cattle and sheep. In cattle and sheep it is called dermatosparaxis ("torn skin"). In horses a similar condition is called collagen dysplasia. The skin is also abnormally fragile. The skin flaps peel or slough off very easily, often without causing bleeding. This explains why cats with the condition suddenly "molt" their wings."
From Wikipedia

"One cat owner, known only as Feng, claims her cat's wings are a result of stress after he was 'harassed' by females looking to mate.

'At first, they were just two bumps, but they started to grow quickly, and after a month there were two wings,' she told Huashang News.

'Many female cats in heat came to harass him, and then the wings started to grow.'

And while she says her lovable Tom is no devil, his wings, which contain bones, make him look more like a 'cat angel'.

But genetic experts claim there is nothing angelic or magical about the condition, which doesn't hinder the cat's quality of life. They say the wings can form through poor grooming, a genetic defect or a hereditary skin condition."
From The Daily Mail

One thing is for sure, whether these winged cats are demonic omens, the result of a skin condition or simply over stressed, it's a bad day for birds…


39 thoughts on “Winged Cats

  1. :imagines that Tilla would enjoy having wings that she could use to catch birds, if only she were capable of flapping the wings. :yes::I love the way she explains the "wings" as being the result of the cat being harassed by females. 🙄

  2. What interests me in that case is that, despite cats with wings having appeared throughout history, this is the first one with bones in the wings. Looks like evolution is finding a way.

  3. This would explain some ancient Egyptian paintings and statues depicting winged cats. :left: .the presence of bones suggest a parasitic twin. Conventional genetic anomalies would not have bones in them. :p .

  4. weird!!! :eyes: have had cats all my life and never heard of this condition nor has my cats every developed anything in any way similar….

  5. …WTF!?:eek:!!:stays calm as Sultan pisses all over Mik and makes a break for it::Sultan arrives safely at home and all is well with the wrold once again:…Hey…Could you link the Wiki article here?I saw you mention it in your post… But what did you type in to find it? ^^;;

  6. *smiles to self and looks at the stuffed cat*:sing: And another one bites, said another one bites, yeah another one bites the dust…

  7. Such cool info. If you had a cat as a pet, you would see how wrong you are about them being evil…I mean, how can you have such an opinion without any personal basis (i.e. owning a cat yourself). Some cats are only friendly with their owners and no one else, so friends' cats or girlfriends' cats don't count.

  8. I have a lot of personal experience with evil cats. The one that just commented has blown me up, decapitated me, destroyed my church and defended her country against my invasion. If that's not evil, what is?

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