Fancy A Burger?

Mmmmm, looks good doesn’t it? That’s not beef though. No no no, that’s not beef at all.

“I dunno, I’ve had cow…”
Amy, Futurama

You see, beef isn’t as healthy as this meat in any way. Not only is this meat higher in protein and iron than beef, but it’s better for the planet because this is kangaroo meat.

Kangaroos have a different digestive system to cows and most other mammals thought of as the classic food animals. This means they produce virtually no methane in their gas, as opposed to cows which are responsible for over ten percent of the world’s carbon footprint. So, if we stop farming cows and sheep so heavily, and swap that over to kangaroos instead, we’ll not only be eating healthier ourselves but helping to save the planet.

Now for the important part – how does it taste? Obviously we’re not going to change over if it tastes awful, no matter how good it is for us. Well I’ve been lucky enough to taste kangaroo a few times over the past ten years, although it’s not easy to buy over here, and I can report back that it tastes like beef with a slight hint of venison in there too when prepared as steaks or burgers. It’s kind of like a mildly herby lamb when prepared as a roast. And tastes like a steak and ale pie when used as the filling of a pie.

Nowadays you can ask at most butchers for kangaroo meat and they can at least order it in for you. Here’s some recipes to try it out with.


47 thoughts on “Fancy A Burger?

  1. I tried it once (from Woolworths). Unfortunately (to me) it had the texture of steak and the taste of offal. Wasn't a fan, otherwise I would have been happy to keep getting it (because it is good for you). Oh, well … 🙄 🙂

  2. Most butchers will be able to order it in specially if they don't already stock it. You'd be surprised what non-generic meats can be ordered.

  3. I've never had kangaroo meat, nor did I try ostrich or crocodile. It's not common in Danish supermarkets, even though all butchers will get it for you if you order it. I don't eat much meat, so I think I'll stick to the beef, pork and chicken. :up:

  4. There was ostrich meat available in some supermarkets in Serbia. I have heard there was a farm in north who was supplier.I have never tried it though. But I would like, as well as kangaroo and/or crocodile :chef:

  5. I just looked up the definition of "offal."Yikes! Wooooo! That's quite a brutally Yucky description, especially if David attached it to his experience of how Kangaroo tasted. :insane:

  6. No No No, Furie, I'm NOT eating ANY Rare meat, much less Kangaroo for the first time. :yikes: I'm a Well Done meat eater. I don't even want any hint of pink in whatever meat I eat. I can't say that I've eaten venison or lamb, so it's hard to get an idea of the taste. Haven't had ostrich either. I've had Alligator Tail appetizer. That was good. I tried Frogs Legs. Hmmm? I think a napkin had more taste. 😆 I had Duck once and only because I didn't know what I was eating. I was at a Vietnamese wedding reception and we had a ton of different courses. They brought out this meat. I could tell the bone seemed different than chicken. With a little hesitation, we at our table eventually dove into the mystery meat. We enjoyed it as we speculated what it was. It was good. Finally one of our Vietnamese friends showed up and we asked him what that was. He goes, "Oh it's Duck." I was like — :eyes: "Auuuggghhh! OMG! I've eaten Duck! Get the Stomach Pump!" Nah, but seriously, I really thought more to myself, "Aww well, Fugg It! Too late. I ate it and it was good." :happy:

  7. Did I irk you, Attila? Did I say something wrong? I just meant the definition of "offal" paints quite a picture. And when one attaches that definition to the taste of Kangaroo, it doesn't sound very enticing.

  8. No, I eat fish fingers and tinned tuna (in sunflower oil). But the delights of salmon, herring, plaice, haddock, sole, etc all elude me.

  9. Not even Fish Sticks? Tuna Fish?I remember when I used to eat Stuffed Crab at this place, Captain D's. It was delicious, but I had to turn the crabs around because the eyes creeped me out. :eyes: 😆

  10. I've not had anything rare (duck doesn't count, and it's nice :p), although I have had a couple of unknowns. Oh, and squid once. Definitely only once :ko:

  11. Having eaten duck eyes, I suspect 'Tilla is one of the lucky folk who can eat offal. Wish I could, because it's cheap and good for you, but I can't stand it. Oh, well …

  12. 🙄 :yuck:This reminded me to an old joke about young married couple. She wanted to surprise her husband by making him a carp for dinner. After he returned from a job, they sat to eat and after finishing he tapped his belly with pleasure and asked her:- This was great. What did you used to stuff this carp?- To stuff him? What do you mean?:yuck:

  13. No, I did not loose a bet. I was in China and had Peking Duck. Usually the head is considered a delicacy, and it is always offered to the table's eldest. The eldest didn't want it, so it ended up being the two youngest who shared the heads instead. :lol:And yes, I eat offal. 🙂

  14. I can't quite make out the caption entirely, but it looks like it's going, "Don't give me any shit! It's just a job." 😆

  15. I never heard of Menudo – but beef tripe I know. I used to buy it for my dog, and it really stunk (sp?), but the dog just loved it! :lol:I think if I ate something like that, it would cure my hangovers because it would make the remains of the alcohol in me disappear really fast! 😀

  16. Okay, Tilla, I guess I shouldn't freak out with that offal … much. We Mexicans eat Menudo. I don't know if y'all have ever heard of that, but it is Beef Tripe with Hominy and Spices. When prepared correctly, it is awesome. Legend even has it that it is good for curing Hangovers. It did fix me up once that I recall back in my drinking days 😆 But, some people don't know how to make it properly. They put in too high of a ratio of Beef Tripe to Hominy … and they cut the Tripe pieces too BIG. That's when it definitely doesn't work for me. I have to go, "Fugg It! I'm taking these chunks outta here and just eat the Hominy." 😆

  17. Kangaroo meat is also cheaper than steak. You have to make sure you don't leave it to cook too long or it gets really tough.

  18. I have never seen kangaroo meat here in Indiana. Your arguments for farming kangaroos have merit 😆 less methane is a great incentive.Have eaten alligator and buffalo, beef and lamb; suppose I should branch out. If it is less expensive, I would be willing to give it a try. Here alligator and buffalo is more expensive.

  19. Whenevr people talk about buffalos I think of bisons. And when I google buffalo, there appears to be pics of both!I once ate some deer at Christmas in Germany. It was tough.

  20. Venison is gorgeous when cooked properly. Most people overcook most types of meat. Take beef. Unless it's pink in the middle it's overcooked, yet most people like it grey/brown all the way through.

  21. It depends on cooking methods. Using high temperatures and roasting a silverside in fifteen minutes flat will give you burnt on the outside and red in the centre. It will also cause the 'cooked' part to be as tough as elephant hide. Slower cooking promotes softer and tastier meat. Stewing can be applied to almost any meat and results in soft flavoured meat that falls away from the bone gently.

  22. To be honest I'm not a fan of stewing meat. It leaves the most expensive meats with pretty much the same texture as the cheapest.

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