Sausage Facts
1) There are over 470 recipes and flavours of sausage in Britain.
2) The most expensive sausage ever made was made from fillet steak, champagne and truffles, and cost £20 a pack.
3) The world’s largest sausage weighed fifteen and a half tonnes and was thirty five miles long.

I’ve got a thing about weird news stories. If you’re a regular reader of this page you’ll have noticed that by now. The why isn’t important. Suffice to say the world is full of weird and wonderful events. So far the following story is the one of the strangest.

Twenty two year old Antonio Vasquez was arrested after being found hiding in a field wearing only a t-shirt, boxer shorts and socks by Fresno County Sheriff Ian Burrimond. The police had been called to investigate a bizarre break in at the house of two farmworkers when they found Vasquez.

The farmworkers were woken in the early hours of the morning by the man as he rubbed spices onto one of their bodies, and smacked the other repeatedly in the face with an eight inch sausage. The sausage hasn’t been recovered and is believed to have been eaten by a dog.


11 thoughts on “Sausagefest

  1. I first read about this in your "What I'm reading on WidSets" links before the post was made. :happy:I think Burrimond himself summed it up best.

    I tell you, this was one weird case.


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