Emergency Zombie Defence Station

Ever wonder what you’d do in the middle of an undead crisis?

Meet the Emergency Zombie Defence Station – for all your undead invasion survival needs.

Take off the lid and you’ll find everything you need inside. Shotgun, shells, machete; it’s all there.

While the lid can be used as a handy riot shield if you start to get overwhelmed.

Just remember – save one bullet for yourself.


51 thoughts on “Emergency Zombie Defence Station

  1. Just finished season 3. I've got a sister post about the vampire survival kit coming up.Issy, I'm actually qualified to deal with an undead breakout thanks to a college course I did years ago when I couldn't decide on my interests. I like to think I'm on some list somewhere in the government just in case. :lol:.With this stylish defence station your rate of survival would go up by an entire percentile, Darko. It can be yours for just $39.99. But that's not all! We'll also throw in this set of steak knives too. 😀

  2. *makes a deal with the crossroads demon* what?? No more deals? :awww: sorry Deanie.. You'll have to become part demon and escape so I can hunt your ass down.. :devil:

  3. But I wanna be the kick ass no nonsense one that shoots first then doesn't bother asking questions later brother.. :awww: awww.Wait.. :left: you're more suited to be Dean.. :happy:

  4. *breaks the fourth wall from the outside*Who reckons the very last episode will show Sam and Dean get their asses saved by the Ghostfacers? 😎

  5. I hope I come back kinda like Ruby. Will Ruby come back? You all know things would be crap without me :awww: . Ya can't do it by yourself, Sammy!

  6. I would really like to know more indepth about you course and resultant qualification Mik. I might not understand much but then again, I might. :insane:

  7. It was little more than a free thinking exercise, some heavy psychology, a load of biological theory and some assignments that even made the computer programmers jealous.

  8. I'll bet you could pad it out into a full blown encyclopedia if you tried. But the basic premis + a few bits o' bio theory would satisfy me 😀

  9. *sits Mart down with a nice cup of tea and the three season box set of Supernatural*Basically it was taking legendary monsters and discussing how they'd operate in real life. What parts of the legend were psychology, what were biology, what was bullshit. Seeing where things mixed between legends. What was left we tried to explain using known criteria.

  10. Bullshit began with crossroad demon.. Remember Charmed? You can basically wish for anything but they didn't.. Meaning demon or whatever entity had greater power than source Ok me drunk

  11. Buffy went down the same street. After two seasons, your average show just cannot be maintained with becoming completly idiotic. I mean let's face it, once you've defeated the source of all evil, you've either won, or you've taken his/her place. The acme cannot be surpassed by definition. 🙄

  12. I'd say Supernatural is the final evolution of this sort of TV series. The characters, setting, mythology, and style all complement each other perfectly.

  13. Angel goes weird for a while. The final season is great, set just after Buffy 7, and explores Spike and Angel's relationship over all the time they were vamps together. As such it features the single most brutal fight in television history. The last episode is a real let down though.Buffy lost it's way in the fourth season but went back to normal after that. If you watch on DVD rather than weekly or whatever on TV then the story is a lot better than it seems when you're waiting between each episode and forgetting bits.I've never bothered with Charmed so don't really know about that.

  14. I didn't.. It turned into a drama.Can anyone say Gilmore Girls? This one either got sexuality issues or some other crap personal thing. Charmed same thing I think. I tuned in for demon killing and all that but got a dose of crap tv.. :irked: so far Supernatural has yet to disappoint me. Angel is getting to be kinda disappointing too..

  15. Charmed first season was hot..Can't find Angel on dvd so have to do with tv. I'm at point where Angel and Spike is pissing in each others corner so yeah.. Can't wait for that brutal fight..

  16. It's Season 5, they have a fight over the chance to become the destined vampire with a soul and Spike admits why he went to such lengths to be evil.

  17. Charmed is stupid. Buffy you have to ignore season 4, Angel gets stupid and then excellent, and Supernatural is my favourite tv show of all time. Can't fault it.

  18. Surface you'd enjoy.. 😀 boy finds dragonlike creature.. Boy takes creature home.. creature eats little annoying dog.. 😀 all the makings of a great story 😆

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