Here’s a little riddle for you. What do the following four statements have in common?

  • The champion of all men. He rules, there is nothing more to say. He is the fucking man!
  • Possibly the greatest thing/person EVER!!
  • Damn cool irishman with a heart of gold.
  • A legend. One who knows how to compete; is as good an athlete as in bed; in other words: a superstar.

Give up?

They’re all old definitions for “Mik” in the Urban Dictionary. Told you I’m wonderful. There’s nothing for Furie at the moment though, so feel free to send definitions in.


26 thoughts on “Miktionary

  1. When people think of cunts I'm the first thing in their heads. :happy: It's because I got around a bit when I was younger. πŸ˜€

  2. Urban Dictionary also says that Mik is

    the colloqiulizm (australian) for the female genitals

    I guess that entry must be from a disillusioned Furtopian peon. :left:

  3. Stuff for my actual name is not flattering.

    Lies! :mad:I found something that was quite nice for your name. On the other hand, PJ wasn't too nice.My name on the other hand – well, Urban Dictionary knows of the Japanese word moe and it is less than flattering. :o:sst: Was this post inspired by Espen's? πŸ˜€

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