80s Flashback
The fortunate ones.
To be fast and free and young,
I wanna count myself among
The fortunate ones.
We wont be denied.
We know that time is on our side.
We’ve got the passion and the pride.
We wont be denied.
This generation.
With fire in our eyes.
Strong are the ties that bind.
We don’t need no alibis.
Cause nothing’s gonna stand in our way,
Nothing’s gonna stand in our way,
Nothing’s gonna stand in our way,
Not tonight.

So, it’s my birthday today. Another year older, another year making you guys wiser, another step closer to the graves of my enemies, another swimming pool full of cynicism dived into. Last year I gave you guys The Beast and a friendly poke at Espen. This year you can make do with Obama becoming President and an 80s song.

Went to bed late and woke up early but apart from that I’m having a pretty good day. Just want to relax and that’s exactly how things are playing out so far. Got my favourite meal coming up later and I’m watching my favourite movie at the moment. Look up the song on the right if you want to know which 80s rock and metal movie it is. It reminds me of a simpler time when I was younger.

I’ve also got two new phone browsers and some new applications to play with. Not only did Opera Mini release a new beta yesterday but I’ve got a new version of the Gmail application and the Skyfire beta browser amongst others. Mini still beats all the web based apps though.

I’m off for a wander round my watchlist and I’m sure I’ll see some of you guys on there. If not you can give me my present when I get back here. Oh, didn’t I tell you all what I want this year? Well I’d like for people commenting here to be more honest with me. I’m after a group of friends not a bunch of “yes men.” If I post something you like, tell me. If you don’t like it, still tell me. I respect honesty like that and maybe I’ll get better at tailoring this page to your individual needs. So that’s what I want as my present this year. Well, that and a Stretch Armstrong.


29 thoughts on “Rosebud…

  1. The 80s flashback sounds really familiar :sherlock:.Honesty eh.. :devil: I don't like this post.. Take this post down.. You didn't need to make this post :lol:.Happy Birthday stretchy Fuhrer :hat:

  2. 😆 Stretch Armstrong? Do they still make those things… :left: My brother had one. :rolleyes:Happy Birthday Mik! Live a long and happy life! 😀 :cheers:

  3. 😆 that's a hell of a present he's getting, the picture that is :lol:Happy birthday, buddy. Long live the little dumpling! :hat:I like it here so far, Mik. I'll tell you if I find things I don't like here. Oh… One thing, could you please stop calling yourself a little dumpling? :left:

  4. It is not that I dislike some of your posts but, honestly, I am not too much interested in phone apps or computer games. I know it must sound as a blasphemy to you, but I was just being honest 😀 It is your birthday today, so….Well, happy birthday, have more honesty around you, no matter how hurtfull it may be :PAnd one Stretch Armstrong for you, of course 😆

  5. Happy birthday Presidente. :happy::hat:

    Got my favourite meal coming up later

    I suppose your favourite food is toasted ninja cat? :confused: It would explain the flamethrower. :yes:

    If I post something you like, tell me. If you don't like it, still tell me. I respect honestly like that … So that's what I want as my present this year.

    Well then, I don't like the fact that T9 caused you to write "honestly" instead of "honesty".Apart from that, consider it done. It means that I don't have to think up a unique present. :P:sst: Stretch Armstrong always reminds me of that guy from Street Fighter 2, even though Stretch Armstrong is much older. 😮

  6. Would anyone really prefer being lied to rather than having their feelings hurt a little but knowing what the deal is with stuff? I see people posting stories, poems and god knows what else and everyone just replies that it's a good story. Personally I'd like some constructive criticism or maybe the reason they like it so I can see where I'm going right and wrong.

  7. Honesty is important. But sometimes it can hurt. Can you take it? Perhaps, to hear a honest comment can make something flip in your old heart! :p

  8. I agree completely with you Lord Furiesh! 😉 I was actually trying to "hint" that I didn't want to tell my opinion about you…but you didn't fall for my trick. Shame on me. Anyways, I really think that the words you wrote above are necessary to read in this community. I'm all in with you about people being that way…almost ALL of the time. Happy Birthday Mik! 😀

  9. :hat: Wish you a Happy Birthday. :hat:really like the posts about cool apps and phones. You're doing great. Keep up the good work.

  10. I'm heading offline til Fri/Sat now so just wanted to thank everyone for sharing today with me. Had a great day. Even continued my birthday tradition of trying to get a ban from Espen. :devil: Relaxed and full now. I'll see you all at the weekend. Expect something cool on Saturday though it may take longer to type up.

  11. :yikes: My Winnie :insane: :cry:Happy birthday, Mik :cheers:!And to be honest, I miss my subscriptions list flooded with new Furie's posts alerts :awww:

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