How The Fuck Could This Happen???

  • Boy suffered more than 50 injuries over eight months of abuse, during which he was seen 60 times by health or social workers.
  • Child had been on the child protection register of Haringey social services.
  • Two days before the toddler died in August last year, a doctor failed to spot his broken back or ribs.

Social workers involved in the case of Baby P were persuaded repeatedly by his 27-year-old mother that his appalling injuries were the result of falls and other accidents. Bruises, scabs and other infections were covered up with chocolate smears and nappy cream. The social workers were not aware that a violent boyfriend had moved into the house and believed that the baby was a victim of neglect, not abuse. Rather than take him into care, they assigned more support staff. When the child died, two days after being seen by a paediatrician, he was found to have eight fractured ribs and a broken back. The 32-year-old boyfriend and a lodger, Jason Owen, 36, were convicted at the Old Bailey yesterday of causing or allowing his death. The mother had admitted previously the same charge. The boyfriend was cleared by a jury of murder, a charge that was dropped against the other two defendants during the trial. The family cannot be named for legal reasons.

~From The Times Online~

How The Fuck Could This Happen???


15 thoughts on “How The Fuck Could This Happen???

  1. As if all the repeated failings by the social workers and doctors was not appalling enough, I read that the government had been sent a letter six months earlier that warned that the procedures intended to prevent tragedies like this were not being followed in Haringey. :down:The response the letter's author received every time? She was told to send the letter to someone else. :furious:

  2. An infant of 8 months of age to have to suffer like that is beyond words. 😦 πŸ˜₯ May God bless this Baby and give him peace now. Amen.WTF, they got off on murder charges, are the free now? :furious: :bomb:

  3. Dacotah: It seems that they did not walk free.Although the boyfriend and the other man were found not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter, they were found guilty of "causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person" (that's the actual name of the charge).

  4. I see Moe. Thank you. An 8 month infant can't get a borken back and ribs from negligence in my opinion. 😑 They got off so lightly.

  5. The same social services that betrayed Victoria Climbie too (after which nobody took responsibility either). And a doctor not noticing a baby's broken back is shocking :(.

  6. believe me, Mik, it happens all the time. and the ones that DO NOT do stuff like that are the ones whose children get taken away from them. i know, it happened to me with my son.

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