Dude Looks Like A Lady? Only If You Squint… And We All Know What You’re Doing That Makes You Squint!

Yesterday, I got a private message from a member called Dhelaks. He’s a new member who joined this month, and has already added most of the women on this site to his wank list of women’s photos. What follows is the content of the message.

Look forward to spent the night with u :heart:

I noticed on the guy’s about page that he says he views all humanity as his brother and sister. Yeah, that’s one fucked up family if he’s trying to spend the night with them all.

Now I’ve been around enough to know that this sort of guy types with one hand, thinks every girl is his plaything and thinks that anyone with long hair must be a girl despite the fact that their member photo has stubble evident on it, so getting the message didn’t really bother me, nor did his assumption that I’m female as that says a whole lot more about him than it does about me. What did piss me off was his use of language to indicate that he would be spending the night with me and he’s looking forward to it. Vaguely threatening isn’t it. Now sure, it could be a bad translation, but what is he doing sending those messages out in the first place? Young girls use this service. Teenagers. I’m friends with some of them and I know them well enough to know that a message like that could really mess them up.

So I urge everyone to block this guy and send him a message telling him why. His sort ain’t welcome round here.


154 thoughts on “Dude Looks Like A Lady? Only If You Squint… And We All Know What You’re Doing That Makes You Squint!

  1. 😆 Mik,since I had told my friends that I wouldn't talk to them till my blog is rewritten,I visited your blog but didn't comment.But this is hillarious I can't help myself commenting.It seems this guy doesn't even read the about pages of the people he is adding into his friends list.:DI was creating some albums on my blog but this new OC site isn't properly uploading the photos.The photos are being drastically scaled down,even if I used 'keep original' settings while uploading.Only some portion of the uploaded images is being displayed.I reported it in the forums.

  2. Yeah Fan, you can ask him why he bothered adding you when he's got pretty little me. :p And send him the link to one of the stubble photos on this post. :devil:

  3. That stubble photo is fantastic :yes:I hardly ever get nasty PM's and/or adds anymore. Must be doing something right… If only I knew what it is :left:.

  4. It's cause you don't show that beautiful forehead off anymore. 😦 Can't hide mine else my banner would be tiny, cause it's so big. :(.You been here a while Issy. How many do ya reckon you've had?Excellent. Time to send some of my dirty little fantasies to Fanny. :devil:

  5. Welcome home Kiran. I noticed you around a while ago, but figured you were stealthing so didn't mention anything. Usually send PMs to people in stealth mode to freak them out. 😆

  6. Apparently, he's Indonesian… gosh! This is embarrassing. I don't think it's a bad translation, though. But I'll pm him in his first language. Any lovey dovey message you want me to tell him, Mik? 😉

  7. Done! :up: and I sent him the link. I also TOLD him to edit his wank list, as I know some of them are my friends too, and they wouldn't like it either. If he replies me with a nasty pm, then I'm heading to the spam pm forum :knight::sst: You owe me a bunch, as I have to set my messaging to everyone now 😛

  8. Thank you,Mik.I thought you and many of my friends knew that I'm hovering around here in stealth mode.:) You had told earlier that you have a habit of keeping a watch over your hitslink stats.So I wouldn't have been surprized by the PM.I am really ashemed that I haven't rewritten my blog yet.I really want to rewrite my blog even if no one reads it.Btw I've got 1034 visits to my blog till now according to OC stats.I am waiting for this new version of OC to work properly now.

  9. You've got more, trust me. Some people have 2 visits according to Opera stats and seven different people commenting. According to Opera I've only had 50,000 visits yet I'm on the most visited list while someone with more visits isn't. It messes up sometimes.

  10. Really? 7=2.Does that mean I've got around 3500 visits to the blog till now?:)Most visits that I get is from the USA and European countries.Do you know some people visited my blog using term 'Kiran sex'.:D In Sanskrit the noun Kiran is masculine and in Hindi it's feminine.I think there is a South Indian Actress named Kiran.:lol:

  11. I'm not talking about "my friends" Mik, I am talking about the ones who just add you… geez! :left: You are in my friend's list, Kimmie etc… I wouldn't call you that! 😥

  12. So one in every 3,777 people on this site has added you for no apparent reason? Remember the good old days when these people were one in a million? 😦

  13. I still get added once in a while. i just go check out their blog to see if i can report them to be banned 😀 not many though 😦

  14. 😆 I wish we could've seen his face when he opened the 'Stubble' pic! :lol:This is even worse (for him) when you consider that he's put his full name on his About page (assuming that's his real name), and has photos of himself in his albums (assuming that's him). He also works for Greenpeace (apparently). I wonder if we should tell them. Unfortunately, Mik, nothing you say will have any effect. As proof (and ripped from his About page):

    Everything u say about me,… I don't care. Coz u are trully my sister n my brother, I believe we can live together with peace,

    Damn … ! After talking about spending the night, now he's talking about moving in! :eyes: :lol:Hmm … Y'know … we have the option to remove people from our friends lists, but not theirs. Until Opera gives us that option, I wonder if we could make a Group, or something. The "Not My Friend" Group, maybe. Each member could list the person they've removed, and – unless it's personal – the reason why (i.e., "Doesn't know me … never spoken to me … just added me because they didn't see STUBBLE!"

  15. I don't mind being added, as long as I can remove them and they can't add me back. It seems to me a trivial piece of coding to make the 'block/ignore user' bit automatically remove you from their list, and then to ignore any attempt by them to add them back.I've had 116 add me so far. I've no idea if any of them were secretly aroused by the picture of a field I've been using as a profile pic for 18 months :left:

  16. Hmm … actually … I just checked … you're still there. :(Y'know … I have to say … the pic under yours on that page … I know the joke it's from ('with one of these … '), but if he added 'amezoun' to his 'wank list' because of that profile picture, I'm now really quite disturbed …

  17. I think he hasn't been online since I sent the pm. He hasn't replied me either. I even check up on him, just in case he's online everytime I'm online.:sst: Maybe he's not really looking forward to spend the night with you, Mik… Don't worry, guys do that a lot. Cheesy trick :left:

  18. Mik's still on the list, as are a couple of less long-haired guys and one of our resident morons. And I see the Zaphira-like profile pic is occhidigatto's.

  19. He's replied me. I'd love to forward it to you but it's in Indonesian. His excuse made me think that he's dumber than I thought. :doh:

  20. @Furie friend you will be surprised by the number of sick 'worms' using the inet to spread their filthyideas. Glad u brought the subject up.he's blocked now ,he seems to be schizophrenic kinda guy.

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