You know what I always say? Online awards aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. In other words, they’re a bit of fun but nothing serious.

Yeah, I know most of the people reading this already know that, but it appears that some people don’t. As the My Opera Awards heat up people have started campaigning. Sure I’ve jokingly done my bit on people’s pages, but they’re always people I know, and I don’t expect to win anyway as my current theme is broken and the new one is still in the coding stages.

Something I haven’t done is to visit someone I’ve never heard of and put up an advert asking for a vote, yet so many people have started doing that recently. Surely they must realise how tacky and annoying that is, especially as they tend not to comment at all on the post they’re spamming?

Something else I haven’t done is to send out private messages asking for votes. I know a lot of people do that to their friends list and I can respect that despite it turning the competition into a popularity contest instead of a talent contest. But this year it appears that people are mailing strangers and asking them to vote. I was told yesterday of someone doing that in a category I’m nominated in and, today, I received one from a different member also nominated in that category begging me to vote for him. Obviously he hasn’t even bothered to check out his competition else he’d know that I was in the Blog Design category and a competitor isn’t likely to vote for him. This means he hasn’t even been to my page properly, yet he expects me to go out of my way to vote for him?

Is this what this competition has come to in only it’s second year? People put winning (does it count as winning when you beg strangers to vote for you) above their own self respect? Does it really mean that much to them? The one thing that’s clear is that no matter how good I am at something I don’t stand a chance in a category where people will stoop so low. Am I bitter? It sounds like it but I’m not really. More surprised that people want this award so badly that they’ll beg to strangers. It’s like they’ll only feel good about themselves if they get it affirmed to the entire community. I kind of feel sorry for them to be completely honest. After all, you know what I always say – online rewards aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.


104 thoughts on “Campaigning

  1. he'd know that I was in the Blog Design category and a competitor isn't likely to vote for him.

    Not true. I'm in that category too but I would vote for you, if I vote at all. :up:I haven't been inundated with "vote for me" messages yet – either unsolicited comments or PMs. :PHaving said that, I have seen one – I daresay you know whose blog it is on – but I'm generally keeping my head down until this all passes. I've got a couple of posts planned but I'm generally trying to avoid all the hysteria. :DI don't understand why people feel the need to go out of their way to earn votes. First of all, if you needed to beg people to vote for you in the "best blog by a male" category (for example) then you clearly aren't the best blog. A worthy winner would win by virtue of his blog content alone – in an ideal world, at least. :happy:Secondly, what is the prize for winning? I thought it was just kudos. Some people really think it is worthwhile demeaning themselves in others' eyes just to have their name on the front page for a couple of days? :rolleyes:I would have thought any long-term damage to your reputation caused by campaigning would ultimately outweigh any trivial potential gains, but that could just be me. :awww:

  2. No, someone who shall remain nameless campaigned endlessly for a competition a while back and royally pissed a lot of us off by ending every single comment and forum posting (mostly off topic) by begging for votes. You can find that person complaining a lot in the My Opera Awards comments.

  3. I find it hard to believe that you would complain about things like that, Fanny. :left:/suckup.  @ Mik: The powers that be have decided to change my.opera to a social networking site as the online community grows. This may mean I'll be spending more time in blogs. I don't want to have to explain where the on button to the phone is. Someone asked where to find the url for 4.1 – I told them in the 'stickies'. He wrote back, that he couldn't find it. Someone else gave him the url. 🙄 Another wanted the release date for 4.2 final. WIR, I told him. prking 😆 that I beat him to it. The guy called us freaks… :whistle: A lot of early people have left the oc because it's become to 'crowded' *shrug* Let's see what happens.

  4. 😦 yeah, I know, Fanny. He doesn't even have a cellphone anymore. I haven't seen him on here in ages. He said he'd come back once his cable tv was back on, but that was months ago… 😦

  5. That will happen. It always does The ones with the most "friends" will usually get the votes, or the girls that flirt more with guys ("I don't flirt. What are you talking about? I'm just friendly with my half naked, facing down but looking up to show how cute I really am photos, honest."). The only person deserving a win who's likely to get one (two in this case) is Tamil. The category I was winning for the first day wont be won by someone deserving, even if it ends up being me. Ryuu has the best design on site yet hardly any votes. People are too lazy to check out the pages so they either go with their friends or with who has the most votes so they can feel like they helped that person.:rolleyes:

  6. Have I already mentioned that I don't like this popularity contest? Mostly because I'm not even part of the game and therefore I have absolutely no chance. 😮 😦 But seriously, the ones with most friends will win in the different categories, and if THAT doesn't happen I'll be the first one to say that I was wrong. :down:

  7. Online awards aren't worth the paper they're printed on. In other words, they're a bit of fun but nothing serious.

    You know, when people get as desperate as they have done in this game, I don't even think it's fun anymore.

  8. *goes spamming her own blog with comments* :PI'm not too bothered with it, to be honest. It's a bit amusing to see some kudos could drive people nuts :DTo me, My Opera still a nice hang out place… I still have my friends and it means more to me than the competition stuff 🙂

  9. Shit, I don't even wanna vote now… :irked:  If you just want a popularity contest, count blog subscriptions and be done with it! The users here wouldn't have to do anything. :left:

  10. A little 'reward' system is good to keep anyone motivated though having some mates is reward enough for me. The whole competition thing got out of hand way too easily..Someone didn't think when they allowed people to nominate themselves..

  11. Exactly folks. We're here and we've made some decent enough friends to win in this place without needing a competition. I actually think that this competition has taken some of the fun away for me, which is like the opposite of how it was meant to be. Oh well, I'll have to torture my lovely readers a little to get it back. :whistle:

  12. I was thinking of it anyway, but a certain whiny comment person's major rival appears to 1) have the blog as Friends Only and 2) only write in Vietnamese. I couldn't quite bring myself to vote for them.

  13. I actually started laughing when I first saw people PM-ing other people they have never had any contact with whatsoever. It's just so hilariously desperate.I agree with Mart. If I had gotten a PM, and didn't know who to vote for, I'd definitely choose their opponent :rolleyes:.I still wish they'd have the "best comment on a blog post" cateogry. I'm pretty sure that is to be found in one of our blogs :lol:.

  14. Yeah, I nominated Shigen's exploding grandmother last time as best comment. :lol:.The problem with voting for competitors is that there's about 80 of them. 😆

  15. I am glad I visited Mik,not for your vote 😆 but because a loyal reader of mine mentioned your posts in one of the comments left in my neck of the woods today,to think that all ends up to a T-shirt !!! Reading members that say "I want this T-shirt so badly…" I say wow! it has to have magical powers this T-shirt!! maybe it turns you to a spiderman !!!!

  16. It's all a game ( unless I'm winning when it's obviously fate 🙄 ) and should be treated as such. Hence today's My Opera Awards Drinking Game. :devil:

  17. Why does Opera need to give award anyway? Wouldnt it be better just to have friends, friends and more friends. Instead of creating an award for someone or something it created more like a controversy or a 'political' issue which created enemy, enemies and more enemies. Sad isnt it?

  18. Most sites have something like this. It's how I got the "Funniest Guy On The Web" award three years running. The idea is sound. A way for the community to say what it likes, which gives further reward to those who're here and don't get recognised. Unfortunately some people just take it too far. :down:

  19. Let me guess, the latest research has linked them to cancer? Same a sunlight, moonlight, water, potatoes, meat, breathing, begging for nominations, dancing and worrying about cancer too much.:rolleyes:

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