The Day Of Good Parenting

Whose fault is it when a kitten is tortured to death? Obviously it’s the fault of Grand Theft Auto. Read on…

Two boys aged six and seven were playing Grand Theft Auto on their Playstation 2 despite all the games being rated for 18 and above. After finishing with the game, they unplugged their controller and strangled their four month old kitten with the wire. Following this they threw stones at the cat until it died. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio had this to say about the situation:

This game allows players to kill cops and rape women. It’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against that little animal.

Yes Joe, I’m sure you’re right about that. After all, the kids are too young to face charges, so it must be down to the game eh?

Here’s an idea. How about making the parents face charges? After all, they left these children alone for so long that they managed to both torture and murder a kitten without anyone stopping them. They also illegally bought an 18 rated videogame for their children and left them unsupervised to play it. Now I know I’m not a law enforcement officer like Joe (who may well be facing a libel lawsuit from Rockstar Games soon as he made his false claims on a national news programme) but surely the parents should be held accountable for this before the blame is shunted onto a videogame?


15 thoughts on “The Day Of Good Parenting

  1. In all honesty, I'm not entirely surprised by this story.Stories of "A little kid played an 18 game and killed someone" arise every so often. Every time, the game is blamed and everyone wilfully ignores the fact that someone gave the restricted game to a minor.In my opinion, in such cases the blame lies with the ones that knowingly gave them an unsuitable game. :bomb:On a side note, I'm not exactly a big fan of Joe Arpaio. :down:

  2. I have to agree. The parents should be facing charges instead. That's a good way to make people stop and think why the game was rated in the first place.Poor little kitten. 😥

  3. Poor kitty :awww:Rockstar won't sue – they'd spend half their time in court if they did as this kind of stuff is said all the time. But I think the days of games being slandered like this are coming to an end – they're getting too mainstream. Unfortunately they're also attracting more attention from governments and country-specific censorship is also on the rise.

  4. I wonder if the parents knew what game they got their kids… Involving a little more in their kid's lifes won't hurt.

  5. I don't remember any animals at all in the recent 3D GTA games, although I think one of the original top-down ones might have had guard dogs in.

  6. Played them all and I don't remember a single cat. In fact there's only a couple of games I know of which do feature cats, neither of which is on the PS2. Twilight Princess has them on the Wii. And Bioshock is full of already dead ones to use as ammo.

  7. I totally agree that the parents should be held responsible. First- they obviously have left their kids unattended. What happened to laws about neglected children?Two- For buying a stupid game for under aged children. Either the parents incredibly stupid, can't read or just don't care. Again another point for negelcted children.Three- for cruelty to animals. I could go on… :irked:Four- yes, the game makers should also be held responsible when such violence is portrayed as being normal human behaviour.Poor kitten… :awww:

  8. You've never played GTA, have you Issy? The main character is always a bad guy, yet the people around him are worse in a twisted hyper reality way (every police officer will shoot first and ask no questions, every citizen is out for themselves, the criminals are pure scum, all politicians are corrupt). This is the basis for the dark humour in the games, to the same degree as the humour on this page. Imagine a playable version of Goodfellas created by the Family Guy team and you'll be close. It's cartoon violence basically. Nothing you haven't seen on the Simpsons.What people don't understand about games is that they don't legally have to be rated, they choose to be rated and can be released unrated if the publisher so chooses. Grand Theft Auto games have an 18 rating meaning the content within is aimed at those that are theoretically mature enough to play them without seeing it as reality. The game makers voluntarily put the game forward to be rated (despite the fact they could legally have released it unrated and have it sold to anybody of any age, albeit in fewer stores) meaning they've fulfilled everything they can do. If parents still choose to give these 18 rated games to kids aged six and seven there is nothing the game developers can do about it.

  9. Having discussed this particular scenario with my hubby. He pointed out something – if someone likes those sort of games – chances are in survival circumstances they would act the same way. I don't like these sort of games, we are not interested in playing such games.

  10. In survival circumstances I'll do whatever the hell it takes to make sure me and mine are the ones left alive. Yet in my game of GTA4 I spent more time hiring taxis to take me to the opposite side of the map, setting the radio station to something relaxing, setting the camera to cinematic mode and chilling out to it than I did killing people or taking part in the missions.

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