The Shield


On Friday the 18th of October, Robert Donald the third (anyone else imagining a burger peddling clown?) and his wife Yolanda Trotter were called to their child’s school to discuss allegations of bullying with the school’s principal and a police officer. The events that followed have convinced the school that these allegations are truthful and that the child really isn’t to blame in this case.

The couple entered the room shouting and swearing, acting like a “child throwing a temper tantrum” as one witness put it. The couple, who were carrying their thirteen month old baby, were repeatedly asked to calm down and stop swearing in the school, until the police officer called for backup, and she and the principal escorted the irate couple off the premises. The couple continued yelling and swearing as they passed classrooms filled with children and, as they were exiting the school, Donald took off his jacket and challenged the police officer and principal to a fight. At this point two other officers showed up and the couple were placed under arrest.

As one of the officers attempted to arrest Yolanda, she punched the officer in the face. Donald, also resisting arrest at this point, found himself faced with a police officer holding a taser. He grabbed his thirteen month old baby and held the child up as a human shield. Eventually both were taken into custody.

Yolanda (32 years old) was charged with felony battery, obstructing and officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Donald (33 years old) was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

Hmmm, I don’t see child endangerment listed in there, do you? This couple should have both their children taken away as far as I’m concerned. Using a baby as a human shield? What the fuck were they thinking. Their sort shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Take their kids away and chemically sterilise them to stop them breeding again. It’s the safest thing for the children after all.


21 thoughts on “The Shield

  1. This is beyond understanding. The saddest thing is that the kid will probably be the same if it grow up with them 😦

  2. Or worse, Darko. What's sadder is the chance these kids get put in a real winner of a foster parent who abuses them worse than the parents.

  3. They did that because they knew… Noone would harm the child. Maybe they lost control, people could be unbelievably stupid when they're under a lot of pressure.

  4. Fan, all it takes is the officer to fire and they lift the kid into the line of fire, or drop the kid with the shock. In fact, the action of grabbing the kid would have made more than one copper fire in panic.They shouldn't have been acting like that in a school (or at all), they shouldn't have brought their baby with them, daddy shouldn't have been willing to have a brawl with a baby present. The human shield thing is just an added "bonus" to this exposure of base human nature. :(.Worst thing is, I've got another story coming soon with pretty much the same thing happening. It makes this look like a good parent. 😑

  5. The saddest thing is, that their kids learns that this is normal behaviour, and it's likely that the story will repeat itself. It's really sad. 😦

  6. I was wondering where child endangerment was myself as I read. Is there no higher authority that can add charges, or reopen the case?

  7. They're living on 1 income? Come on. She can find someone to watch her son and go back to work. Heck, she could work nights while her husband stays home with the boy for that matter if she didn't want anyone else to watch him. They're fighting is probably due to the fact that they don't have enough. :bomb:

  8. I don't have enough cash. In fact we're officially poor. We scrimp and save for everything we want. We don't go around acting like that so it's no excuse.

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