Here’s a question for you. Just imagine for a second that you’re a huge video game company about to release a sequel to one of your most recent best selling games.

Do you:

  • Put adverts in magazines and on buses?
  • Advertise in the specialist gaming magazines and put plenty of trailers out?
  • Take out a full-page advert in a nationwide free newspaper, disguise it as the actual front page and announce that America has been destroyed in a war?

Sony of Europe decided that option 3 was their best bet for Resistance 2, putting thousands of people into a mild panic for a couple of seconds.

I can’t help but wonder if they’ll try the same thing when advertising in America. The last time someone pulled that trick there it didn’t go so well and a few people committed suicide from fear.


16 thoughts on “Resistance

  1. We live in the world of the stupid, after all. While most of us can tell that the photo is of graphics, even more people out there are likely to think it's real. And as that paper is free, and handed out folded so that the headline hits you first…

  2. "The basic building block of the universe is stupidity." – Frank Zappa  That being said, let me repeat that any publicity is "good publicity".  Mik, were you referring to the "War of the Worlds" broadcast? :sherlock:  Not being a gamer, this really doesn't affect me, but the advertizing aspect intrigues me. Some of the most successful ad campaigns have been very controversial. 🙂

  3. It's true that all PR is good PR, but that kind of advertising it not legal here. It has to be very clear that it's an ad. This one is ridiculous!

  4. They didn't, but I'm hoping for a commission. :yes:.Follow the links Dennis or there'll be no cookies for you. :mad:.Agreed, all publicity is good for you, but this is bloody ridiculous. 🙄

  5. When "War of the Worlds" was aired, my grand parents didn't happen to have a radio. She did tell me that when Pop went to the woods (he was a teamster) the next day, everyone was excited and some had still not heard the news that it was just a radio show.

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