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Pretty Sad Blog On How To Cheat
I think Susan’s husband has probably read this.
A list of excuses he should try next time.
iPhone Porn Sites

Can you believe that iPhone owners are such renowned wankers that they have porn sites set up specially for them? Just ask Susan.

“Please help. I took my husband’s iPhone and found a raunchy picture of him attached to an e-mail to a woman in his sent e-mail file (a Yahoo account).

When I approached him about this (I think that he is cheating on me) he admitted that he took the picture, but says that he never sent it to anyone. He claims that he went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and they told him it is an iPhone glitch: that photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening? The future of my marriage depends on this answer!”
Susan, Posting On The Apple Help Forums

This was followed immediately by many people saying that there’s no such glitch in the iPhone software. Then one person who’d registered to the forums the previous week said he’d had that problem before, followed immediately by this:

“This has definitely happened to me a couple times too. At first I thought it was just accidental with the phone being in my pocket and just jumping around, but since the first two times I have made sure I have locked it. I don’t really know how to fix it but it’s starting to worry me. My phone has already sent pictures to the girl I like, my grandmother as well as a buddy of mine. Thankfully none of them have been too ranchy.”
Forum User Who Joined That Day And Hasn’t Posted Since

The thread continued, with many people calling out the two who’d confirmed the glitch (a glitch that someone like me who despises the iPhone and knows all it’s faults has never heard of) as being either Susan’s husband or planning to use the same excuse when they get caught cheating.

Then Susan came back:

“It was a close up shot of him pleasuring himself taken at the exact moment of maximum pleasure. It’s such a good shot that one must wonder if he actually practiced it a few times before getting it right. Add that photo to the late night phone calls and some other miscellaneous texts and e-mails that I found… and this is not the first woman… and let’s just say that my atty is working on the divorce complaint. Nonetheless, I wanted to remain open to the possibility that it was all some big mistake (I think that he is the big mistake) and thank everyone who provided input on this discussion.”
Susan Again

Poor Susan, although this is partly her own fault. Maybe next time she’ll know that this is what happens when you marry the sort of person who would buy an iPhone.


51 thoughts on “Caught

  1. As a husband and as well as a sex-addict I strongly confirm the possibility of mobile phones to attach pictures to e-mails and mms. Also some e-mail providers do so.

  2. 😆 "Opera Mini. Beer goggles for your ugly phone."  "Fall in love all over again. Put Opera Mini on your phone."

  3. "I'm not Rockefeller…" 😆 I'm gonna remember that one! 😆 I've got a Moto v3xx. It's branded/locked to AT&T. It's got no certs. on it – so you can't get a signed v. of Mini. You're more than welcome to it, if you think you can make it work.

  4. It's the only thing that make me phone worth putting airtime on. :left:.I went looking for a phone that's a notch up from what I've got. Nokia N96 – ZAR11000Sony Ericsson XP1 (Experia) – ZAR14000And some other touchscreen phone from Samsung. I didn't bother asking the price of a phone that hasn't got any buttons. :insane:.Why can't I get a decent phone at an affordable price? I'm not Rockefeller, I'm the other feller. :irked:

  5. You're looking at phones with dodgy firmware. Neither are good enough to use yet. My baby's great if you've got manly hands.

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