Japanese video game developer Overflow has hit the headlines recently with this strange contraption, pictured on the right. Looks like a can opener doesn’t it? The truth is a little more disturbing than that.

This is in fact a peripheral for their latest video game – Cross Days. Cross Days is a social simulation video game, sequel to Summer Days and part of the School Days anime universe. Usually in these games players will guide the protagonist through social situations in an attempt to get a girlfriend before Valentine’s Day or something equally sugar coated. However, the Days series prides itself in being an erotic social simulation meaning that players actually get to witness sex scenes with the girls they chat up in the game.

And that’s where this device comes in. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that it’s a sex toy, and can probably figure out how it works. It has been created out of septon (a material mostly used for hospital machinery) and programmed to keep rhythm with the on screen motions during the climax scenes in the game. And as for the attachments that come with it… Well, the less said about those the better. What’s even more disturbing is that this particular series seems to feature multiple murder, suicide and rape endings.


70 thoughts on “Cross

  1. Oh,my God! I can just see the news headlines now… "Β 'Cross days'- Now on 'Twitter' To kill a twit, the shocking new web kink- live coverage at 11:00 pm… :yuck: πŸ™„

  2. Well, a guy in America is facing 20 years in jail for what customs officers thought of his imported manga so…

    Good!I checked the 'school days' link mentioned above to see what you were talking about (not into anime, really, so I'm kind of out of the loop there … about the closest I've come is Akira) and it seems to feature – essentially – children. Or depictions thereof. Certainly, they don't look particularly adult to me. Worse is the really strange description of the show:

    Genres: comedy, drama, horror, psychological, romance, slice of life Themes: ecchi, Ecchi (nudity), Harem, School

    O … kay … nudity … harem … I can't tell what place these have in school. Worse, someone's based a game on it where you can have 'sex' with (your own special machine) the characters? Who are (presumably) children? Or, at least, depictions thereof (which is just as bad)?Someone should investigate that company … especially with what you mentioned in the last sentence … :irked:

  3. Yeah, the series of games are social simulations set in a japanese high school, where the girls all fit the increasingly popular japanese schoolgirl stereotype. Where this particular series (and quite a few others apparently) get their userbase from is by depicting scenes of a violent or sexual nature (sometimes both at the same time), including rape, incest and murder/suicide.

  4. That game is sick, and I checked the links. I'm not into anime, but most of the characters look like children. I think condoning such atrocious endings on this game means the company needs to be checked out. Handley – the guy facing 20 years for owning manga items – that's over the top, but he's not going to trial based on the complete collection. Frankly, I find that disturbing, meaning the case is not based on his total collection, but a few "hand picked" ones. That sounds more like maybe someone has a puritanical view and doesn't understand art.

  5. *sigh* And they thought the cartoons I grew up with were too violent. (Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Roadrunner, Popeye…) πŸ™„

  6. That school days anime was seriously disturbing but quite awesome due to the originality of how it flows. But IT IS DISTURBING.

  7. :insane: Better there than here! :yikes: We got a rain storm the other day, if it had been snow it would have been at least 4 feet (1.33 M)

  8. πŸ˜† i just burned myself with pulling a Porky Pig πŸ˜† just realised that now :doh:.:D just the reaction I was looking for :p and by the way.. Hope you didn't mind me recommend you as a phone expert :left:

  9. Yeah, we talked. She seemed scared. I left her with cartoon phones flying round her head. :lol:.Yeah, I out tackied my own threshold with the Xmas theme so I put the snow up instead.

  10. Not really. I just advised her the things to look out for, explained why the phone she chose for mobile blogging was crap, and made her write "Apple can't make phones" 500 times…in stone. :left:

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