Fat Thighs And Meatless Breasts At KFC

Ah, KFC. There’s something a little dirty about it. It may be the fact that you have to use a specially formulated acid wipe to get the grease off your hands. It may be the hordes of pimple-faced teenagers who work there. It may even be down to the not-quite-wholesome “Finger Licking Good” slogan. One thing’s for sure, it’s a dirty food.

It seems like the employees at the KFC in Anderson, US agree. After all, what other explanation could there be for three of them staying after hours and taking a bath in the deep sink used to wash dishes?


I can only assume that they were also dissatisfied with their jobs as well, because they took photos of themselves messing around in the sink and posted them on their MySpace profiles, proving once again how pure and innocent MySpace whores girls are. Obviously it didn’t take long for the photos to be found and two of the three have since been fired, while the third has quit her job. Coincidentally all three have set their MySpace pages to private since the news picked up the story.

You know what? This really pisses me off! I don’t give a flying fuck about the health code violations. The fact is that there are thousands, perhaps millions of people in America struggling to get a job, and these stupid bints get employed then abuse their position like this just so they can fulfill some childish fantasy of being a model. And they wonder why their parents treat them like children? You wanna be a grown up, don’t pull stupid stunts like this.


47 thoughts on “Fat Thighs And Meatless Breasts At KFC

  1. I've only just found this place to give public chat.It's going to be a long bumpy ride i think.Thank's again Furie.

  2. :yikes: The one with the huge arm… she reminds me of that… that thing you sent me a link to as a "Early Xmas Present". :yuck:

  3. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: thats all i can think of to say about them 3 girls. if i say ne more, u might ban me from your blog, cuz it would be in all caps.

  4. I had a joke with you and pointed out something about your comments that may give other people the wrong message about you. It was a suggestion about presentation, that's all. You thanked me for it. Then a few hours later I find you elsewhere bitching about it and making out you were being bullied.Rules of this page state that if you've got a problem with me, you tell me. If you've taken offence at something, you tell me. In those cases you usually get an apology. But only if you're honest to start with. Going behind my back hurts my feelings as much as yours probably were. Continuing to whine about it, pisses me off to the point that I just don't give a fuck about it anymore.

  5. I'm offended by the number of people out there who whine whenever they're faced with the consequences of their own irresponsibility or lack of contingency planning. I mean, what the fuck is a couple with a combined income of ÂŁ70,000 a year doing owing ÂŁ10,000 on credit cards? :irked:This brief rant was brought to you by someone enjoying watching his savings acquire ever lower rates of interest so that other people can spend money they don't have in the first place :doh:

  6. That's the reason I don't have credit cards. I'm too much of an impulse buyer to trust myself with one.As for the farting. I actually have been really bad recently. :devil:

  7. As far as I know we've only got one KFC here, and I am happy to say that I have never eaten anything there. And now I never will. :yuck:

  8. Where do you usually go? Because all or most joints have basins like that and any dishwasher and mates can have a bit of a splash. :left: you just would never know because they were never caught out.. :eyes:

  9. Yeah, this was meant to be a double column post showing the girls on one side and a guy who did the same thing in Burger King on the other. Couldn't find a photo though so I didn't post that part. Otherwise I'd get accused of sexism for posting nudey photos of girls.

  10. Shit :eyes: this could become a trend where the gits would wanna outdo each other :left: i'm not eating at fastfood places again..

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