Tracking Santa

He’s on his way! And with a little help from Google you can follow him.

Just go to Google Maps (this works with the PC version and the mobile version, by the way), search for “Norad Santa” and you can follow Santa round the globe.

Tell your kids exactly when they need to go to bed, set up traps to catch a fat man, but most of all… Enjoy.


22 thoughts on “Tracking Santa

  1. Conclusive proof that he managed to avoid being turned into jars of ketchup. Looks like I'll get the Minstrels I've been hoping for. :happy:He's in Kirov, Russia at the moment. 😎

  2. Books, a laptop sleeve, USB-stick and money :D.Plus some stuff (scented candles and a candlestick) from the present game we had.

  3. What an unusual pronunciation of Sir…I almost thought you'd referred to my honourable self as one of the hoi polloi :knight:

  4. "One's" reputation is quite smeared enough, I assure you. I recall you earning the eternal enmity of every child and parent in the land for your slaughter of Santa Claus, and then releasing a line of products based on the flavour stew he produced and the leftovers :yuck:

  5. πŸ˜€ Santa was sighted overhead about 4 hours ago. πŸ˜€ He's now in San Diego, California, USA. 3:00a.m., EST., US.

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