I’ve been reading a story recently that’s got me a little bit angry. There’s a few guys that have got into quite a bit of trouble you see. Michael Henderson (32 years old), Colin Holmes (25 years old) and Barron Wright (20 years old) have all pled guilty to communicating in a sexual manner over the internet to a girl aged 14 (the legal age in this country is 16). As a result of this they have been put on three years probation each, have to attend sex offender rehabilitation programmes and have to be registered as sex offenders for the duration of their probation. Gary Wilson (41 years old) admitted having sex with a thirteen year old girl and was jailed for two years. Martin Murray (36 years old) admitted having sex with a thirteen year old girl and taking sexually explicit photos of her with his phone and was also jailed for two years. Finally, Daniel Walker (33 years old) sent sexual message to an underage girl and was jailed for eighteen months. All six of these men met the victims of their abuse on Faceparty, the social networking site pictured over on the right.

You know, if I were to leave this post as it was now I can imagine the comments I’d get. Some cursing these guys as sick. Others lamenting that the sentencing is so light. Hell, that’s what I’d write. So before we move on to comments, let me fill you in with a little extra detail on these cases. Maybe you’ll even get to see why I’m angry about it.

The victims of these attacks committed by these men (who are spread around different parts of this country) are all the same girl. A girl who, at 13 years of age, began looking for sexual partners online under the screen name “The Edinburgh Whore”. A girl who had a tattoo at 13 despite the legal age for tattoos being 18 years old. A girl who posted topless photos of herself to her profile on Faceparty when 14 years old in an attempt to increase the number of sexual partners she found. A girl who claimed to all of these men that she was over 16 (the legal age limit for sex, and coincidentally also the minimum age limit for use in Faceparty’s terms and conditions).

The law is there to protect victims of crimes by punishing those who do wrong. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think this girl can be called a victim given the circumstances. In this case it seems to me like the men I named are the victims of some little whore, and that she needs to be locked up herself. Your thoughts?


74 thoughts on “Victims

  1. I think that the statutory rape law is a stupid law most of the time. If the girl of a knowing age consents, knowing what she's consenting to after lying to the man about her age (therefore knowing damn well that if she's truthful he'll say no) why should the man be punished for a slutty little underage teenager's lies?

  2. Exactly my thoughts. These things should be decided on a case by case basis. The judge actually said that the girl's actions weren't the courts place to take into account. These guys should sue her bloody family.

  3. …and her phone number would be?*click* hello? Is this the Whore from Edinburgh? Good. Fancy a plane ride to New York?  I'm sorry? Mine? "Clinton" François Wolf. Call me Çois. :devil:

  4. I read about this somewhat in the news but didn't look into it further..The guys are guilty because they know what the law actually is and are supposed to at least have some decency. The girl on other hand needs some serious help although she won't want it and will end up dead before sweet little sixteen..

  5. It's very sad that she has no concience, nor morals… the men should be exonorated- at the most an ACOD. She needs lots of therapy… :worried:

  6. The problem I have with this is that she knowingly led them into a trap. She obviously looks over 16 especially having a tattoo, travelled round the country to sleep with at least two of these guys that we know of, and met them on a site for over 16s. That's the legal age here so they had no reason to think she wasn't that age or older. They might have wondered why a girl just over half their age wanted to sleep with them, but she's portrayed herself as a whore anyway so they're obviously not that picky. But that shouldn't be a crime. If they'd known her age I would've been right there demanding higher sentences, but this just seems cruel. This girl should at least have some punishment for her actions.

  7. Agreed, guys and girls. If one of them had asked for id., d'you think she'd thought that far ahead though, or would she have tried to blow it off? If the police tried something like that, the lawyers would be screaming 'entrapment'!

  8. Calling the men for victims is perhaps taking it a bit too far, even though I agree that the girl has set them up.I ask myself where the girl's parents are, allowing a 13 year old to travel around the country?!

  9. Scary girl :eyes:I feel sorry for the youngest guy – she probably didn't look any different to half the women he knew, except maybe a bit shorter.

  10. They did. It's not for the courts to decide on.Mart, I remember when I was seventeen I got warned by mates about a girl I thought was mid twenties from her looks. Turns out she was thirteen. Shortest date ever as I all but ran screaming from the bar. 😆

  11. Mik! :yikes: At what age can you start drinking in a bar, over there?! Ours is 21, it's unlawful to enter one unless you're 18, unless you're with a parent!

  12. It doesn't seem fair to me that the first three have been registered as sex offenders for merely sending messages to a girl. No sexual act has actually been committed – all that had happened is that she lied to them about her age and so they sent her exactly the sort of messages she wanted. :mad:If you can be branded a sex offender these days for simply sending an explicit message to someone you were tricked into thinking was old enough to receive it, then we live in very depressing times indeed. :down:Even if those three are only on the register temporarily, their reputations have still been permanently tarnished because of her lies. 😦

  13. Not only that, the fact that she is a minor precludes them taking any action against her. However, I think the judge was deficient in that the 'child' has not been interviewed/assessed by Child Protective Services, and the parents not investigated for child neglect/abuse.

  14. Carol, it's statutory. That means that ignorance of the girls true age isn't a valid defence. Not fair. Not right. But, totally legal. 😦   The fact that she's a minor and the guys weren't says it all. Doesn't matter that she looked of age. I go to the mall and it's a good thing that my head can't swivel 360¤, you know? :angel: :devil:

  15. i agree that the parents should be investigated for her behaviour. it is disgusting that someone allows their 13 yo daughter to travel the country unattended and unwarranted to do as she pleases.i also agree that the men should "not" have to carry that tag, as it is a destruction of their self being. for anyone to consider notes over the internet as sexually offensive or as means of classifying someone as a "sex offender" is horrendous.the men that actually committed the sexual acts with her, deserve to be where they are. but still, she should be held responsible for her part in all of this.she should be forced to get help and made to "not" b allowed to have a computer at all until after she is classified as an adult at age 21.this makes other 13 yo children think that they can get away with the same thing, and this is where we get all these teen-age mothers from.

  16. The courts should know that if these guys thought she was of legal age and the court knew she lied and said she was of legal age than why does the court think they committed a crime? It's for the courts to decide, why couldn't they decide? That's what they are there for.

  17. Yup, the general idea is that any person under 16 is too naive to understand or know what sex is, and therefore they don't know what they're consenting to. It's a crock of shit.

  18. but they still need to update the laws concerning that shit, cuz as we have seen, even the 5 yo kids know more than they should know at that age. granted, it is becoming a "subject" in the schools now, but damn, at least wait for that until the child or teen is at an age where they will fully comprehend the consequences of their actions

  19. Dennis, you have to be 18 to drink in a bar and 14 to enter with parents. Most places can get a family licence allowing them to have any age child in with parents as long as they serve food and don't have a late licence for after 11pm. That's how it was before they changed the legal opening hours to 24 hours anyway.Moe, I think the 25 year old admitted to having sex with her too. Reports are conflicting though so I left that out.Kim 1, in all my time as a bartender I only saw three people asked for ID. One of those produced his drunk and disorderly bail certificate. :doh:.Kim 2, it's reminiscent of that Hard Candy film. As far as I'm concerned this girl is a sexual predator. Like paedophiles pretend to be younger on the web to get closer to victims and satisfy their sick needs, she pretended to be older for the same reason.Carol, it's a real bad situation. The courts are basically telling this girl she's okay to do this. They haven't the power to do a damn thing and are compelled to brand these men with a stigma that can get them killed.Dennis again, unless your head's spinning round to tell them they'll catch cold then buy a blindfold or seek help man. Seriously though it's getting pathetic now. Porn magazines which get covered up in shops have less flesh showing on the front cover than most underage girls these days.Kim 1 again, twenty years ago thirteen year olds knew all about sex and were having it regularly. This is an extreme case and I hope it acts as a wake up call to our government that the law is outdated.Phew, long comment. Going to rest my thumb now.

  20. Not necessarily, Carol. I've known plenty of girls with happy, normal home lives do similar things. And the ones I've known who've been abused haven't been like this.

  21. *sighs* Could be anything. Attention seeking, peers lying and saying they've done all this sexual stuff… Doesn't take much, these days.

  22. The point of statutory is that whether they consent is irrelevant, it's not supposed to be a cover-up for a lie.Age of criminal responsibility here is 10 here – she's old enough to be prosecuted or sued. It was actually lowered in 1997 from 14 ( ) and people have been trying to undo that since then.

  23. Moral turpitude, or a variant springs to mind… :whistle: :right: misrepresentation of (sumpin',sumpin') with intent to (sumpin',sumpin'):mad:

  24. Presumably the parents found out about it. Either that or the girl got pregnant. Hell, she could've used the site at school and gotten caught by the programs we have in schools here to keep an eye on kids activities.

  25. I have to admit I didn't read all the comments, but who prosecuted the guys? If the girl was after sex, she wouldn't press charges. Or so one would assume…?

  26. I wonder how many times this is the case… I'm not saying that it's usual for underaged girls trick older men to have sex with them, but I wonder how common instances like this is.

  27. Does this post prove the saying, a man's brain lies right below their bellies? 🙄 :DSeriously, the girl's sick, those guys are also sick :yuck: and yes, I strongly agree that she definitely needs some punishments herself :doh:

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