Underwear Research

An Ohio man has pleaded guilty to molesting children and it’s made me wonder what the hell is wrong with the parents of the victims?

Ben Hawkins (coincidentally I’ve only met two people in real life with the surname Hawkins, and both were rapists) preyed on boys and girls aged between nine and sixteen. He told parents he was an underwear market researcher and that he needed to measure their children’s underwear. As this didn’t seem to raise alarm bells with the nine different sets of known parents he arranged to meet them at home, school or local hospitals and told them he needed to measure the underwear on their children without the parents being present. AND THEY FUCKING LET HIM!

Now, call me paranoid, but if a stranger even mentions my kid’s underwear it starts me wondering if they’re a pervert. If they say they need to check the fit, I’m on the phone to the police to check their credentials before turning them away (even if their credentials check out I don’t want my kids going through that kind of invasion). And if they tell me they need me out of the room they’re getting physically assaulted to the point that their legs are pointing in a different direction just to make sure they can’t escape from the cops when they arrive. YOU DON’T JUST GIVE SOMEONE FREE ACCESS TO YOUR KIDS!

These so-called parents are a disgrace. They’re just as much to blame for this as the sick baby-raping fuck that molested their children. In fact I’d say they’re more to blame. Sure, they didn’t go out to hurt kids, but they didn’t protect their children and that is the ONE THING PARENTS ARE MEANT TO DO! Are they so fucking naive that they don’t know what kind of world we live in?


19 thoughts on “Underwear Research

  1. I've read your earlier posts on this supject.I thought these people are beautiful,they can get any handsome or bomashell spouse they want,and what they do is crave for younger girls and boys.:yuck:

  2. Tell me about it. I tried writing an article on that but it kept turning into a list of what I'd have had done to the guys who did it, all of which were more punishing than the no punishment at all that they got. Couldn't keep it on track.

  3. *shaking head in disbelief* They could just give him underwear, without kids, so he could measure as long as he wants… at least until cops arive 😡

  4. Regarding that link, slightly better news. Of course, the ideal would be life imprisonment (well … we don't have the death penalty here), IMO, since that girl is undoubtedly scarred for life …Regarding your post, the parents, at the very least need a good kick up the ass. I'm probably not allowed to say in a public space what the sick fuck deserves, though …

  5. Kiran, I'm a little confused about what you're saying…Darko, another good distraction idea. If I had the amount of weapons you probably have in your house though, I'd have another way to slow him down.Welcome to the new year Carol. Same as the old year.

  6. Girls, I'd be willing to bet money was involved. Something along the lines of "Of course, there's a $20 tax free gift for each person that takes part in this study." Somehow that makes it worse. 😡

  7. I'm glad some justice was done in that case anyway. Couldn't find more details on it when I found it.As for what people like him deserve and saying it in a public place, I'm the guy who regularly puts forward the proposition of stringing up the mutilated corpse of some random criminal in each town centre to deter crime. So don't feel held back here.

  8. Do you know Robert Bundy?I mean these people are beautiful.Europeans are generally beautiful.This man is handsome he could have easily got a beautiful woman as his girlfriend or wife but what does he like is younger boys and girls.That's disgusting.

  9. I wasn't feeling held back by you, Mik. I know I can talk plainly here. I was more concerned with the legality of what I wanted to say; 'incitement' or somesuch if someone treats my comments as a call to action, or something …Having said that, fuck it. All kiddie fiddlers and child rapists (won't call them paedophiles – apparently they like that, they feel it 'legitimizes' their filth, somehow) – deserve nothing less that being smashed as hard as possible with a pick axe handle … slowly … from the toes up …… of course, if someone were to do that, they'd be the ones breaking the law. Assholes like the one above will get their sentence, ultimately get out (depending on what happens to them in prison), and go on to re-offend (as they almost always inevitably do). As far as I'm concerned, if they offend once, lock them away for life (at least). Gen. Pop, maybe … :devil:

  10. Yeah, I spoke to a paedophile a few times who sectioned himself. He was disgusted with his urges to the point that he put himself in a mental hospital repeatedly to have no chance to act on them and thought child molesters were the scum of the earth. There is a difference between the two that a lot of people don't really understand. From what I understand the main difference is acting on it, from reading the literature (for want of a better word) all the way to hurting kids.I always thought the parents of the children should be given free reign to do whatever they want to child molesters for the rest of their lives, as long as that action doesn't result in death and as long as they have to wait at least a week between each visit. Make the bastards sweat about what's going to happen to them this time between each attack.

  11. Years ago, there was a man who raped a little girl where I live. She was about 8 years old. It messed her up to the point that she ended up in a mental hospital. Her brother stood up in the courtroom when the rapist was convicted, and told the man that he better pray he was never released from prison, because he would not live to take a second step away from the gates. Personally, I think people who harm children like this should be boiled in oil. I read that link and think it's disgusting that a judge says the child "probably consented" – WTF! Is this woman still on the bench? :bomb:

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