What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

A disgruntled member of the Lagomorphics team sabotaged some key servers several months ago when he was caught stealing from the company; as awful as the thought is, we can’t rule out further sabotage.

But, clearly, we failed to take the steps to prevent this from happening. And for that we are very sorry.

Can you tell what that is? No? Let me help you out. That is the sound of a blog service dying.

On December 30th 2008 JournalSpace lost all of it’s data. EVERYTHING! Every blog hosted there, every single post and every comment from the past six years that they’ve been active is gone. All the backups are gone. All account details have been lost. Just think about what that means to these people for a second or two.

I haven’t been here for two years yet and I’ve already published over a thousand posts. Taking away cartoons, web tests and other miscellania that still leaves a good two or three hundred quality posts. Posts I’ve worked hard on; researched thoroughly, put off publishing and rewritten entirely because a single line isn’t quite right, articles I’m proud of writing, stories and poems I don’t have hard copies of. That’s in less than two years. If I were to stay here for four more years I could easily have over a thousand worthy articles and stories on different subjects amongst many more fun moments I felt like sharing. Multiply that by the many thoughtful and crazy comments from everyone that visits and suddenly that’s a hell of a lot of both mine and other people’s lives that have gone into this one page. Now wipe out that page, and take the rest of the site with it, and imagine what we’ve all lost. Six whole years of our online lives gone. Our reactions to all our triumphs and tragedies deleted as if they never even existed. Friendships and romances erased in the blink of an eye.

I may stay here for four more years, I may be gone tomorrow. I don’t know for sure what the future holds. But I do know that it’s worth backing up your blog somehow. Currently I’m transferring my best posts to another page, originally with an eye to leaving this site at some point. I probably wont ever leave as I’ve built a rare circle of friends here that I’d hate to leave behind. But while My Opera doesn’t allow us to back our blogs up to a file and download that file to a PC or other storage device I’m going to continue to transfer my posts over. There’s a good chance that nothing similar will happen here, but nothing is foolproof. Just ask the old members of JournalSpace.


59 thoughts on “What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

  1. :yikes: they lost all their blogs, I cant imagine what i would do if i would have lost mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is very good idea to back up everything.

  2. My niece has twice had to start from scratch. The first time it was her fault. Well, her fault combined with her husband's. She had a Blog on Xanga with her baby's Pics. She didn't know they weren't supposed to have Pics of anyone under 13 years old. Her husband tried to surprise her one day by updating the Profile to the baby's actual age instead of my niece's. BAMM! Xanga immediately found out it was a Baby Blog and banned my niece and everything, every post and Pic was GONE!Then my niece started her Baby Blog on iWeb. AGAIN, her husband came into play. He keeps trying to turbo-charge that Blog. He got carried away one day and Fugged Up. Somehow he POOF! Wiped Out my niece's Blog! :yikes: So, she's now on the 3rd incarnation of her Baby Blog.Having seen Blog disaster strike my niece twice, I HAVE been thinking of backing up MY Blog. Maybe I SHOULD now do it tomorrow. I DO have a Plan … a way that I HAD been meaning to do it. It'll be easier for me versus those of y'all that have hundreds or thousands of Posts. I only put up 1 Blog Post a week. So, I only currently have around 21 or so Posts. I plan on Copying & Pasting the HTML version of my Posts onto a Microsoft Word Doc each. I'll then burn 'em onto my Backup CD.True, the Comments in my Posts won't be saved, but saving the content of the Posts is at least better than nothing. I wouldn't have to start completely 100% from scratch if disaster struck.

  3. And you complain at me for being up in the early hours of the morning. :PPersonally, I've not thought of backing anything up. I do have a couple of posts saved (ironically, none of them are my own) but apart from that, everything I've rambled about could theoretically vanish in a few moments of malice.My main concern if I was on JournalSpace would be this: if this person had sufficient privileges to erase the data, what else could they have done with it?For example, how many former JournalSpace members' details have been sold on to third parties? I wouldn't put it past a disgruntled employee to want to make a quick profit from their privileges before wreaking havoc.(By "details", I mean anything from something relatively innocuous like an email address to something very personal such as real name and date of birth. For some reason, some people seem to like putting their real details on websites they don't really know. :ko:)

  4. Heyyy, DBabbit … that's what I plan to do … MS Word.Of course … "PLAN" is the operative word. ๐Ÿ˜† Good thing that Furie put up this Post to finally make me actually do it. I've been procrastinating.

  5. I use MSWord to save mine, after having lost 2 years of blogs when TagWorld changed their format and only gave their 2 million members a two-week notification that they were going to shut us out. Hard lesson learned there. :irked: Since you have a phone, do you know if you can use Google Documents to save your blogs?

  6. This dreadful thought crossed my mind several times during last two years since I started blogging. What a terrible waste of time and effort would have been gone!!! This is why I exchanged e-mail addresses with some of my friends here, to stay in touch if something really bad happens. I don`t want to lose you guys now when you became a significant part of my virtual life. If everything here goes to hell we can stay in touch and start blogging somewhere else.But, on the other hand I don`t have any of my posts backed up and I really do hope that Opera admins has a good disaster recovery plan :insane:Now I will send few more PMs with my e-mail address ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Backing up the posts would be a good idea, of course, but the posts are just the catalyst (pun intended) to give the blog life. The blog is worth so much more with all the life the comments give it; and imagine how long it would take to back all comments up manually! :faint:All my photos are obviously still on my hard drive. All the other stuff in written directly into the posts, and therefore I have no back up of it. I think I'll back up my stories.

  8. I don't care about many of my posts. Ones that really matter, and photos that really matter have already been copied to my PC from my phone. Other people's posts, however… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . I have most of the email addys and/or messenger addresses of the people most special to me, though, so I'd not lose my friends.

  9. I'm not used to stability and always ready to lose it all one day :)Comments are what I will feel sorry for…:sst: BTW I'd be glad to lose a track of some of my romances here :whistle:

  10. Most professional blogging services (Blogger, Typepad, WordPress) have ways to transfer between themselves. You choose an option in your account to back up your blog and all comments, then download that file and upload it to the new service you wish to use, or back into the old one. It's the ultimate way to back up your blog and I'm hoping it finds it's way into the MOC soon. What happened to JournalSpace just highlights the need for it.

  11. Supposedly. However there's a chance that the address will need to change and the coding would usually need to be changed. Most places that do this don't handle BBcode. I've found I've had to change most things to straight HTML while transferring my posts.

  12. How many have you had here? :left:.The idea is that you can pack up your page and move it elsewhere, even keeping the backup on your own system ready to upload in an emergency. I'm not talking about crashes, I'm talking about sabotage. But just because something can accept the same files doesn't mean they'll react the same to different stimuli.

  13. What if like, Typepad crashes, won't it affect Blogger and Worldpress as well? I mean if there's a way to transfer between them, doesn't it mean they're build on the same platform and if one crashes, rest will do so too?

  14. Scary doesn't come close..blog is nothing really, its the friends and staying in contact that freaks me out. There's just so much you can say over e-mails..

  15. Actually, what was especially dumb about JournalSpace is that there were never any backups, ever. All they had was a RAID mirror which is to defend against hardware failure, not database updates :doh:. I can't believe they were running all this time without doing a single backup.My Opera does have backups – i remember at least one restore in 2007.However, i do have almost all my stories backed up elsewhere anyway. I'd like to backup my PMs as well, though.

  16. It would suck a bit if all my posts disappeared, but I don't think I'd miss them for long. They're just nonsense anyway :lol:The comments, however… well, they are irreplaceable :awww:Hmm… I think I might be closest (geographically) to Fred :whistle:.

  17. @ Mart: I don't have the patience, or time to delete all the ones I don't want- maybe 75 total, that I'd want to save. Can I delete bigger blocks than 10 if I go on a pc?

  18. Most of my pm's contain: "hey, u there?" "cn w spk?" (when did vowels get out of fashion?) and "i lke u!"No need to back that up! ๐Ÿ˜†

  19. I've got hundreds i'd like to save. At one point i was going to write a tool to extract them all – much of the info needed is in the code for the My Opera widget.

  20. No, the interface is pretty much the same – only ten in the list at once. It needs a whole rewrite, really. Actually, since they changed it so you have to open the top PM to read it and there's no 'mark as unread', it's worse. I keep forgetting to reply to things.I bet you had a few choice expletives when that idiot spammed your shoutbox.

  21. I delete mine once I've replied to them or made notes from them. Same with my sent messages. Which is why that backup restoring all those old messages pissed me off so much. Took me forever to delete everything again then they reinstated them again. :irked: Of course that last lot disappeared on their own, but it still annoyed me.

  22. Yeah! I rarely get frustrated to the point of cursing at my phone, you know. It took about an hour, moved them to spam first then started deleting them! :irked: Grrr! My pm's will stay there until hell freezes over, or Opera folds! :knight:

  23. Whoa! 2500 PMs, Dennis! :yikes: You certainly have a LOT of Blackmail material, huh? ๐Ÿ˜† I keep neither my Read nor Sent PMs around very long. Depending on the material, I might delete them immediately or keep them around like a week or so. Sometimes I'll forget and later find out I have a collection of old PMs, so I engage in a PM-purging session.

  24. Originally posted by Furie:

    Supposedly. However there's a chance that the address will need to change and the coding would usually need to be changed. Most places that do this don't handle BBcode. I've found I've had to change most things to straight HTML while transferring my posts.

    Ahhh, good to hear that my time wasn't wasted. I had already gotten in the practice of changing the Font, Font Size, Font Color and other Text Attributes in my Post via HTML instead of using the Buttons available to us. Since back then, I didn't want to take any chances. I wanted to make sure that my Posts were more universally transferable to another Blog Service … with Text Attributes intact.

  25. I don't use them here yet. When I start cross posting properly I'll be using them. At the moment I'm just swapping over.

  26. Well, to answer the question of the title of this post, I File > Save As Html File with Images, each post to a different folder which I then zip up. From there it's either a flash drive, CD, online storage (Windows Live SkyDrive gives you 25Gb of storage space), etc. Of course, it's not like I can simply import blog entries into another service (I would assume), but the guts of the content is there …

  27. Timely, as I started to back up my blog at Christmas. What I'm doing is about 5 entries at a time (ie just paging through the blog). Using the Opera browser you can save the page as a 'web archive' (.mht format). This saves pretty much everything, including links into a single archive file. I haven't yet figured out what I would do with it should the dread day come, but at least I've now got all my posts going back to 2004 on my hard drive and backed up on an external drive. To keep comments you'd need to do it entry by entry, but for now I just did the best part of 90 pages with 5 entries (but no comments) per page.

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