The Secrets Of RPG Design 1


73 thoughts on “The Secrets Of RPG Design 1

  1. 2012 isn't all that far away…Isn't there a rule somewhere, "No pooftas in rpg's? Shouldn't there be? Are male gamers going to grow up thinking, "Why don't I have a detachable penis?" :eyes: :faint:

  2. You should perhaps talk on that subject to Conan The Barbarian or Fafhrd. The older fantasy characters are strictly hetero. And would rip your head off only for the question. Antryg Winrose would spell you a wet rash where the sun does not shine. No fairy-like dark elves, no Elton John-like magics in the old times of R. E. Howard, Fritz Leiber etc. And regrettably no Willow Rosenberg.

  3. Mmm,Willow… *looks up under Willows (:love: ) skirt to find… * "God!" He yells out. "I can see all the way to Heaven! She's got no panties on!" and is immediately turned into a nnewt! :love:

  4. Role playing games look like pooftas? Don't you mean the characters contained within look like pooftas?

    Yes, I meant characters. The older characters definitely looked more realistic.

  5. I'm talking about a simulated artificial intelligence with excellent hair and a huge weapon, damn it! Worship him! :knight:

  6. Go on Dennis, tell us what was meant? Because I took "the older characters look more realistic" to mean that old characters look more realistic than new ones.I don't see it myself. 🙄

  7. Action toons from the mid-80s – He-Man & She-Ra come to mind as they were my son's favorites – Even they look more realistic than what's above. Heck, Betty Boop looks more realistic! 😆

  8. Felix The Cat, Popeye, Gigantor, Bugs, Daffy, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse are what I grew up with… Knew a guy that looked like Popeye… *shrug*

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