Out Of Memory?

Yesterday a new memory card format was announced, but I couldn't be bothered to post about it at the time. The SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity) has an improved read/write speed of 300MBPS although the first releases will only have 104MBPS. The card's real advantage over current memory cards is the improved storage capacity – up to two terabytes (2,000GB) of data! That's enough space to hold 100 high definition movies.

Now I know that these are designed more for laptops and camcorders, but I just know someone is going to want one for their phone. At the moment they'll be out of luck as no handset manufacturers have announced they'll support the new format, despite the advert showing a phone. What I wonder is why anyone would need that much storage space on their phones? The majority of users don't change the memory card that comes with the handset when they buy it (usually 512MB, but can be up to 2GB). I'm a hardcore phone user and I've only just scratched the surface of my fourth gigabyte of storage. Are there really people out there who have that much high definition music, photos and video that they must carry everywhere with them? Seriously, two terabytes worth?


43 thoughts on “Out Of Memory?

  1. I have a 2 Gb memory card for my phone, and I've used about half of it. I don't have many video recordings on it, but it holds a great deal of photos, and I since I also use it as MP3 player, it holds a lot of songs too. I don't need a larger memory card than this one. Two terrabytes… :faint:

  2. Remember War Games? The computer used to hack the United States defence computer had a total of 64KB storage space. Imagine what you could do with a phone with 2TB! :insane:

  3. It's not like phone hardware has caught up to the need for it yet either. The largest mobile application I've heard of is 1GB for the iCrap. Largest phone camera is currently 12MP and that's not in common use. Videos are recorded VGA if you're lucky. Sound isn't high definition either. Any manufacturers who support these cards will be losing money for quite a while.

  4. I'm hardcore phone user. And do believe i could use greater capacity. Maybe not 2 terebytes worth. But who knows what the future will hold. At the moment i have three 4 gig memory cards i use interchangeably. Since i use my phone as a camera, music player and a flashdrive capacity is key for me. Remember when mr gates said he can't see that computer will need more than 64kb of ram in the future. And look where we are know. Even the most basic phone uses more than that already. 🙂 so don't judge too quickly. Designing ahead this is what they are doing.

  5. I just don't see the point for phones. More and more we're moving towards online storage for mobile media and files. Before the fifth generation of mobiles is up we'll have all media files streamed to our phones as we want them.

  6. Online storage for media is still very far away but certainly the next step. But a lot of countries where mobile usage is at a very high level is the same countries who can't even provide propper/afordable broadband services (My native South Africa included). How will they provide viable online storage? It is in these countries where people use a mobile phones as a replacment for pc/internet since it's simply their only affordable option. High storage capacity will always be in demand. Even if there is no use for 2 terabytes at the moment. This memory card provides space that will promote future development we can't imagine at the moment. We discussed this at length last year in class. Create an environment and someone will find a use for it.

  7. Obviously I'm talking later in the fifth generation of mobile technology. We're only nearing the last few years of the third generation now in higher tech countries and many lower tech countries will still have that as their highest mobile technology for ten or more years.

  8. I may go for a lower capacity version of the cards just for the increased read/write speed. 100GB would be way more than I'd use in the current environment.

  9. Well, my phone's only got a 2GB card that's about 80% full, but I do carry a 16GB USB stick around too.But 2TB? Most PC users won't get near that – even lots of companies wouldn't. Only people I know with more data than that spend all their time downloading movies and games that they never end up doing anything with.

  10. :awww: Poor games.That's actually one of the reasons I started this mailing list. People download things, find they're crap and never play again. I'm putting only games I've been compelled to complete or keep playing over again on the list.:sst: The other reason is to give people games without them having to shell out loads of money for them. You can't return a mobile game if it crashes or stops working halfway through. This way people can see the quality of the download first and just delete it if it doesn't work. If it's great they can contact the company and buy it.

  11. A tempting offer, but I fear they'd just sit on my phone unused like the other games I've downloaded in the past :awww:.

  12. {Quote=DFurie*My god, he's alive! Thought you'd buggered off for good.{quiote*Hehe, no. I'm bac., I dospend a lot of time at work but I've found the way to brwose opera at work so I'm might be able to spend time here with you all peeps.

  13. Hey Mik.. I'll point you towards some good games if you're interested.. I've tried alot and only about 10% is playable most times due to wrong screen size or installation problems..

  14. 2TB's won't be enough in five to ten years time. :whistle:.You know that people will start setting up servers on thier mobile phones soon. It will soon be possible to make your mobile a WiFI access point.

  15. Maybe not a PCs CPU, but I can certainly see laptop style base units to slot phones into when we get home or to the office, allowing us to use the files on a larger screen with a larger keyboard.Of course, there are other mobile dreams.

  16. Dream on. Just talked to our assistant-girl about her SonE Walkman mobile. She hates it cause SonE made it as a mobile for young people but made it not that stabile that it could stand a week of partying in Spain.

  17. Anything that says, "walkman" on it is a kids toy by nature. It's not quite as bad as something that starts with a small letter 'i' though. :whistle:.The first 'Walkman' used magnetic audio cassettes as a storage medium. It sported a built in microphone and a shiny microphone button but it couldn't record. Pressing the microphone button basically just muted the playback and switched the input to the microphone. :confused:.It was still one of the most successfull personal tape players ever produced though. :left:.Dictaphone failed mainly because it's tiny mini cassette couldn't play commercial cassettes and only recorded ten minutes per side. Digital recorders eventually made the Dictaphone and similar gadgets obsolete but mobile phones have made dedicated digital recorders redundant. :up:

  18. I sold a lot of Dictaphones at that time. The company started with a wire as storage medium. I also sold Grundig-devices mainly to doctors. That was in a time DOS was the main os and a mystery thing for quite everybody. For a short moment I imagined a mobile phone with an audio cassette drive integrated.

  19. Audio cassette is nothing compared to how I thought pay and go mobiles worked. All the adverts showed people puttiing pound coins in their phones like in payphones. I was wondering how they'd fit the coin box on a mobile.

  20. DOS-mobile? Would not be the worsest os. What works with the cash register of discounters cannot be that useless. And it would be cheap. Wait, I will look for the phone no. of Siemens-Mobile to make them some suggestions.

  21. Long before mobile phones were ever available in South Africa, I envisaged a portable Psion style color computer connected to a world wide network. Internet io those days was still exclusive to the universities and commercial connections were limited to Prestel systems. Strangely enough, I never thought it would be possible to actually make phone calls on them back then. I imagined that these devices would be about the size of a thirties flat pack of cigarettes. :left:.

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