Sectera Edge – A Presidential Phone

Meet the Sectera Edge, soon to be a quite famous Windows Mobile powered smartphone. Why? Well, it's the phone that's been picked to be used by newly elected US President Obama, much to Motorola's dismay as they dropped their Windows Mobile support the day before this announcement.

2.8 inch QVGA 64,000 colour touchscreen

Battery Power
Standby Time – 60 hours
Talk Time – 5 hours
Secure Talk Time – 3 hours
These are based on the regular battery. Extended batteries are available and I'm sure he'll be given several.

RAM – 64MB
Flash – 128MB
Secure Flash – 64MB
The phone also has capabilities to read microSD cards up to 2GB.

"using mobile security standards set up for government officials by the NSA"

Secure Capabilities
Secure calling, Secure instant messaging, secure e-mail. All of these have been developed using mobile security standards set up for government officials by the NSA.

Apart from the secure data and voice transfer this is a very low end Windows Mobile phone (which probably wont stop Jack Bauer from shutting down a nuclear reactor with one in season 8 of 24) but gives the President everything he'd need and keeps it quite secure for him. However there is one thing that stands out to me. The President of the United States only needs a two gigabyte memory card at most.


16 thoughts on “Sectera Edge – A Presidential Phone

  1. You'd think that the US government would be able to install their security measures into any phone they wanted. Get the guy something cool to go with his image as the tech friendly Pres, ya know? Surely it wouldn't be that hard unless…they don't trust foreign phone firms to make their phones compatible with their security protocols.

    Nokia, Barack? No way! Bunch of spys. Can't trust these Finns. They set up a telecommunications company decades ago just waiting for this chance to usurp our government. Can't trust 'em. Here, have this Windows Mobile phone. No, we get them free as part of Bill's anti-trust settlement.

  2. He's gonna miss his Blackberry. First hundred days, Barack goes into Blackberry withdrawal … gets the shakes, makes imaginary texts … 😉

  3. They don't call it Crackberry for nothing.But i'm afraid i'm not sure how i'd deal with a day without my phone and Opera Mini :awww:

  4. Mart, my Data network (AT&T) went down the other day for 6~8 hours. I tried my native browser every ten minutes when I was awake.That lasted 2 hours! :faint: David! What an excellent idea! 😀

  5. Mid 2007 we sold off our Xbox as nothing was being released for it. Got home and our network was down for the next three days. 😥

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