Bad Day?

“Awww, what’s up? You look miserable.”
“Oh, bad hair day, you know.”

“Henderson! Why isn’t that report ready? I said Friday!”
“Oh, bad hair day, you know.”

“Hey why’d you run over my grandmother in your truck, you psycho?”
“Oh, bad hair day, you know.”

Why are people so willing to accept the possibility that not being able to do what you want with your hair in the morning excuses you for acting like an idiot for the rest of the day?

“How about a bad pubes day? Its not like we comb them after all.”

I don’t actually have bad hair days. Hell, I was born with bad hair and it doesn’t get any worse. I’m having a bad hair life. What I do have are bad face days. Check the box for info on those and stop pretending you’ve never had one, especially you at the back with the black sweater on. You’re having one right now. But come on, if we’re allowed bad hair days why can’t we have bad other body part days? How about a bad pubes day? Its not like we comb them after all. Can you imagine saying that to someone when they ask what’s wrong with you. Bad knee day perhaps? Wait, I’ve got it!

What do you think you’re doing sleeping at your desk. Give me one reason I shouldn’t fire you!”
“Oh, bad nipple day, you know.

Okay okay, so bad hair days are allowed. But what about bad face days? Come on, we all have them. You wake up in the morning, you stagger into the bathroom, urinate for what appears to be nine straight hours, make your way to the mirror and are presented with a sight that makes you want to scream.

It’s hideous. You know you can’t go out looking like that so you start contorting your face. If people saw you pulling those faces in public you’d spend the rest of your life in an asylum, yet at that moment in time you know for sure that pulling your face skin out like a pair of bat wings will make you look presentable for the day. You pull and probe at yourself. You even mess up your perfect hair (and it will be perfect because bad hair days and bad face days never happen at the same time) and try to cover your face with it.

We’ve all had bad face days yet no-one gives you any slack for it. You tell someone you’re having a bad face day and they look at you like you’re a moron. Ah, ignore me. I’m just having a bad face day.

Have you noticed that you can tell people that you’re having a bad hair day as an excuse for pretty much anything? Really, try it out.


53 thoughts on “Bad Day?

  1. I'm guessing women invented the concept of a bad hair day as an excuse. Something along these lines I expect

    "You're late! Now we only have time to go to 50 of the shops in the mall. :irked:""It's not my fault. I'm having a bad hair day. I spent the past three hours trying to sort out the single pesky hair that is immune to all my hair spray. :bomb:""Oh. Well that's alright then."

    I may well be lynched for that quote. :left:Let's not have a bad nipple day. We don't want to see any more pictures of your torn nipple. :insane:

  2. The layout kicks ass. Unfortunately mobile view doesn't like it much. The image is animated by the way. Well worth downloading.That's exactly how it happened Moe. :up:.I have elastic skin Rose. Might post a photo some time. I can pull half of it off my face and pretend to fly round the room using it. Not that I do of course. :left:

  3. 😆 Bad hair life?Thanks for the tips, though. I've never pulled my skin out like bat wings. Will try that right away :D.

  4. I`ve had bad knee day. It hurt a lot actually :left:And… after that nipple photo I am not sure I would like to see your bat face removing photo either :insane:

  5. :lol:Hmm … Depending on how spicy the food is … bad anus day? Surely that would elicit sympathy from a boss … ! 😉

  6. I like how I look like early in the morning. I look fresh with a slight mess in the hair. Of course I have to removes some yucky stuff on my eyes first and brush my teeth.

  7. Ahh, I have bad skin days, like today, self tan :yikes: my hands are orange, as is my belly, so yeahh, basically, it looks like my father screwed a whatsit :irked: ITS NOT NATURAL!And to top it all off, one hand is darker than the other! Was ment to wash it off my hands, buit forgot and therefor got orange hands.. You Know When You've Been Tango'd .. :bomb:

  8. Why the hell are you using fake tan? I'm not surprised you have bad skin days actually. Foundation is meant to be worn sparingly, not cover up your entire face with a three inch layer. That foundation stain still hasn't come out of my t-shirt, ratbag. 😡

  9. I've only ever heard one person say this…and it was only as a comment about her hair being everywhere.Never heard it used as an excuse for other things.For me, every day is a bad hair day…but i no longer care :p

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