Spam The Spammers

We’ve just missed a very strange phone call but remembered to check the phone number, only to find that it was from someone we didn’t know in an area we’d never heard of.

We looked up the area code of the number and found it was in Scotland. As I’m not a fan of the Scottish anyway and the search had brought back more than a few results from that area code that had been reported as aggressive marketing numbers I decided to look up the full phone number – +44 1563 556391. What I found was a scam.

01563 556391
~ If you’re outside of the UK, you should call +44 1563 556391 ~

These people phone you up and if you answer the phone they immediately ask gruffly “What do you want?” Obviously this causes confusion for the person being called so they try to explain that they’d been called. The person on the other end of the call (who ranges in age and gender according to all reports so is obviously an employee) acts surprised then launches into a tale of woe about mobiles somehow calling their number yet saying they’re being called by that number. Then they’ll start to question you about your mobile package, invariably leading to an offer to help the victim change their mobile package to one that wont do this. Like I said, a scam.

01563 556391
~ If you’re outside of the UK, you should call +44 1563 556391 ~

I’m not going to stand for it. I propose that everyone out there that reads this page should phone this company up themselves and pull their own trick on them. When they answer, shout “What do you want, you Scottish twat?” down the phone and hang up immediately. Reverse the charges from a phonebox if you can to cause them a little extra hassle, or do it from work on your lunchbreak or something. Just do something to hide your own phone number. Give the spammers a taste of their own medicine.


30 thoughts on “Spam The Spammers

  1. That seems like a good way to give spammers your phone number to me.Do we have to use those exact words? I'd much rather call them a "Scottish Anti-Minstrel" instead. My version doesn't have any naughty words in it. :angel:The nature of the scam that you described sounded eerily like Neg's Knock and Don't Run to me.[YouTube | TinyTube]

  2. Damn, forgot to mention not to do it from home. I'll add it in now. I'm approaching 4,000 RSS readers through Widsets alone so hopefully a few will give them abuse.

  3. Yeah. When your ringtone is Monty Python's Knights Of The Round Table, set at high volume, it really does distract from the coitus. 😡

  4. :rolleyes:Are you sure? If this is true I would be very concearned. Ask her about "certain things" she mentioned in my last post :insane:

  5. 😆 Issy!Sounds like an elaborate scam. It's become more common here that you receive a call from a number from a country you've never herad of. If you answer, there's an automatic voice telling you that you've won a cruise in the Caribbean. All you have to do is press a button on your phone. Apparently (although I have no idea how that would work) that gives them somekind of access to hijack your phone. :confused:

  6. It was a tail…remember my metallic green tail??? 😮 and I think it was Mik who stepped on it months ago… it looks suspiciously like something else right now, it is growing ever so slowly… :left: :p A lizard feels naked without their tails! :irked:

  7. On landline phones if you press *88# you switch your line over to the caller allowing them to make calls at your cost. It depends on what type of exchange you have though so the exact code may vary from country to country.

  8. Aha.. Done it :happy: Me and a load of friends gave them some abuse down the phone, gave us something to do in our free lesson :)Yes we withheld our number! 😀

  9. This post is getting a hell of a lot of hits due to people searching for that number. Hope they're all taking my advice.

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