Meet Heath Blom, a twenty-six year old from Boston, and the world’s most ungrateful man.

On Christmas Day, Blom’s grandmother gave him a brand new Wii (quite a feat as they’re still limited and quite hard to get hold of). Unfortunately for Granny Blom Heath didn’t actually want a Wii – he wanted a remote control plane. Where most people would recognise the amount of money and effort their grandmother had spent and accept the gift graciously, Blom decided to make a fuss about it not being what he wanted and scoffing at his “pathetic gift” and going on and on about not wanting it. At this point Blom’s girlfriend, twenty-four year old Randi Young, got involved by starting to calling him names and accusing him of acting like a child.

Blom suddenly got it into his head that Young had plans to steal his new console. Even though he didn’t want it in the first place, he didn’t want anyone else to have it either. A fight broke out between them with Young punching Blom in the face three times and Blom dragging Young down two flights of stairs by her hair. Police were called, presumably by the grandmother, and arrived at the residence to find the couple battered and bruised.

I’ve got a tip for you Heath. If someone gets you a gift you don’t want, accept it graciously. If you’re desperate for something else, just trade the gift in or hit a little site called eBay. You’ll at least get some money towards your plane and wont end up looking like the asshole you really are.


40 thoughts on “Ungrateful

  1. Definite wanker. Doesn't like it, he can find me and ask my opinion on dragging women around by their hair (after which, he might end up with more bruises). :irked:

  2. I don't think I've heard of someone that is 26, going on 4, before. :rolleyes:Am I the only one thinking his picture looks a bit creepy? :insane:

    He's lucky he doesn't get santa figurines! :irked:

    :hides in a darkened corner before she starts asking why she still hasn't got the guide she was promised yet:

  3. Yup – from two different years. Purple hat is from this new years… It's become sort of a tradition by now, I suppose :p.:sst: I haven't forgotten, Moe. Your services in that particular field weren't needed last christmas :D.What's a gypsy dance? :left:

  4. idiot.anyways, my friend told me one time when I was trying so hard to look of a present that my other friend would like: "Don't look for something that she will want. Get her something that you want for her."Makes sense.

  5. Probably not, well, at least when danced by the girls. I am browsing through my edition of Lavengro by Borrow to find out if underwear is involved in this case.

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