Important News For All S60 Owners

I don't like anti-virus softwares as they protect your phone from having viruses loaded onto it without you agreeing to load them. The entire system of S60 3rd edition is built around the idea that every application must state up front what parts of the phone it will access and will only be able to access those parts. Anti-virus software can't stop a virus you've agreed to load yourself so they're pretty much a con on S60 phones.

By now a few of you may have heard of the "curse of silence" virus going around Nokia smartphones. The virus isn't actually as bad as it sounds though so don't worry. Basically someone has to send you a multimedia or text message from an address with a certain e-mail configuration. Receiving this message will lock down the messages portion of your phone, or shut most portions of the phone down if it's an older model. It's not really a virus; more a bit of a security oversight in the system, which many of the anti-virus softwares out there are using to get more subscriptions from unsuspecting people.

So, how can you protect yourself from this "curse of silence" without shelling out a yearly subscription to an anti-virus software that you don't need? Well, you could try Nokia's own free SMS cleaner application, specifically designed by them to combat this problem. This is an important download that everyone should know about and, at only 42KB, it's one you can't afford to miss.


6 thoughts on “Important News For All S60 Owners

  1. Sorry about the lateness of this folks. I had it private and for some reason couldn't make it public. I've had to repost the entire thing.If you know people with S60 phones, direct them here so they'll be safe too.

  2. If I remember rightly, this is a bug that affects all but the very latest version of S60. And in some cases it'll take a particular sequence of text messages to trigger it. Something to do with a field not having its length checked, I forget :p.Still waiting for the details on the S40 bug of a few months ago to appear, but it has been demonstrated and sounded much worse than this.

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