Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Adventure Land is a theme park and science museum that gives God the glory for His creation. It has rides and fun-filled events and activities, each involving a physical challenge, a science lesson, and a biblical truth.

Learn about dinosaurs, principles of science, and even how to make a paper airplane that can fly over 300 feet! Handle our real, live creatures and take the Leap of Faith swing. Enjoyable and educational for all ages, it is specifically targeted for kids under a million years of age!

Be prepared to be challenged to think and to follow the Lord in the way God the Creator has planned for you. If you do not know your Creator, we will be overjoyed to introduce you to Him.

Our funny and experienced guides will lead your family or group on the tour, declaring the works of the Lord and the words of the Lord.

DAL is not an amusement park, for “amuse” means “to not think,” and we want people to think. Rather, it is an amazement park. Come and stand amazed at the truths of the Creator and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

Lets try another lesson that these people obviously missed when they started defining words. “Faith” means both “belief and trust in and loyalty to God” and “firm belief in something for which there is no proof”, which is one and the same thing to most thinking men as there is no solid proof of any deity’s existance. “But Mik, what about the Bib…” NO! The Bible is not the word of God. The Bible is a book written by men, and repeatedly translated by other men, many of which introduced their own political agendas and bigotrys to it. Even if the Bible had been the literal word of God, that word has been lost amongst all the man made additions in the past couple of millennia. It doesn’t count as proof; no more than the Harry Potter books count as proof of Hogwarts or the Superman comics prove that the last son of Krypton (A man with remarkable abilities, sent by a higher power to save us, who sacrifices himself for us, and has had more than one hillbilly in real life claim to be carrying his son. Sound familiar?) is amongst us. I have absolutely no problem with that as people can believe what they want. But when you’re advertising your belief as the “truth” and bill yourself as educating other people you need to be able to back it up with proof.


29 thoughts on “Dinosaur Land

  1. :is tempted to explain why the posts do that – but daren't stick his head above the parapet. Besides, he would rather see His Furiousness attempt to explain it first :P:

  2. In a nutshell – when you go to an address with a # in it (the ones in your watches, for example) then your browser will take you to the page and put that item to the top of the page. For example, if you click this link, it will take you to Kimmie's "A Royal Survey" post – with one of my comments at the top of the screen.Now, that still works here. When you come here from your watches, the new comment is at the top of the screen. However, MIk's CSS then puts his "The Dark Furie" header over the top of it – obscuring the comment(s) underneath. :doh::sst: As an aside, this doesn't happen on Opera Mini because position:fixed has been deliberately disabled – position:fixed works the same as position:absolute on OM. Presumably this is to prevent against inconsiderate CSS authors that might inadvertently fill the entire screen.

  3. I think it has been explained in a previous post. It is a little bit annoying having to scroll up every time :awww:.

  4. Hey Moe, would that account for a #mainwrap:before section I'm working on not showing up by any chance? Or is it more to do with the link contained within.

  5. I'm working on some changes by the way. This place will be getting a lot more sleek and quick loading pretty soon, with less problems like that (or at least less scrolling back up).

  6. Won't work in either. :sst: It would be more likely to work in HTML, because your browser can understand HTML directly. It needs BBCode converting to HTML. :PWithout looking at the code, I guess you have done

    #mainwrap:before {

    Nice try (I've tried it myself at one point, in fact :P) but it doesn't work. You can add "external resources" (pictures, sounds etc) and text (and a couple of other obscure things like counters and attributes) but not HTML code itself.To add HTML dynamically, you would need JavaScript. :down:

  7. Couldn't know without seeing the code (and I'm not inclined to do anything vaguely CSS-related at the moment :P) but it is certainly possible. :up:

  8. Bugger. I've got a post scheduled to come up early tomorrow explaining what I'm doing and why. The text up there now pretty much covers it. Might have to send the post link to a few CSS guys cause I can't figure it out myself after weeks of searching. :irked: This was just the closest possible workaround I could find.

  9. You do know how to make an excellent post. :yes: and you win a special award. You have the First comic strip I could read in Opera ever! :king: Thanks. I feel included even tho I'm on my phone in here 100 percent of the time. 😀

  10. Ditto. A way to read most is Menu, Tools, Page Information, Download Images. You can zoom most images that way and have an experience closer to that of PC users.

  11. Um, yeah sure. Don't need to ask permission to bookmark someone. An easier way is to go here and click the subscribe link up at the top of the page though. That way you'll be notified on here whenever I post something.This is where you say you already knew that and meant something entirely different. 😆

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