Stubble 2 – The Revenge

I just received this message under the subject line, “Hi Sweet Girl” and thought it may give everyone a bit of a laugh.

Originally posted by mns242one:

I am Moses i came from Nigeria i have this fellings for you

my heart makes me to understand that you are my all and all,

just make me to know you please for saying this i love you

My fillings is for you

Just like a kitty cat

I’m curious to know

The person you are

feel free to let it show

Because a friend like you

has become a part of me

Just want to know you more

so friends forever we will be

I hope you understand how much I love and care for you. I know I don’t say it often enough, but that is something I’d like to change. Whenever you’re in doubt, just remember that words could never describe how much I love you.
this is my my Address (removed by El Presidente as it’s obviously a piece of spam crap) thanks makeing me your love…

Don’t make me tell you about my stubble again dudes!


39 thoughts on “Stubble 2 – The Revenge

  1. By any chance, did this post have the wrong title initially?In my news, it was still called "Four years of chickens", as well as the one before it. :PMaybe the guy is really into girls with stubble. :left:Likening himself to a kitty was perhaps not the best thing he could have said. 😆

  2. 😆 He has both fellings and fillings for you :love:(I didn't understand the rest…)Hey! Makes my first comment look a little weird… :irked:

  3. It looks good to me, Rose. :devil:.It may have been written over a double posted item, Moe. :whistle.As much as I appreciate this guy's "fellings" and "fillings", the fact remains that I'm a guy. A man. A dude. A bearded wonder. A jedi armed with a meat based lightsaber! :beard:

  4. *tears own face off and waves it at everyone*Does it even look the slightest bit feminine? :mad:.I haven't got a boyfriend. I don't want one. 😥

  5. *tears own face off and waves it at everyone*Does it even look the slightest bit feminine? :mad:.

    Well… it does have some of the features of a female face – like two eyes… and a nose… and a mouth…:P

  6. 😦 not fair editing my post 😆 love the colors love the catnip love life love love loveyou should have some, the buzz is gooood I :love: smallville:heart: Dennis

  7. I said…SUCK ON MY BALD HEAD!!!Kim and I were watching on DVD a while ago and we hate Lana so we were redubbing a conversation between her and Lex.Lana – I'm a whiny little bitch who is somehow still free after killing so many people on the programme.Lex – I've been paying for your freedom because I want your ass.Lana – But Lex, despite the fact that I'm a self centred wannabe whore, I'm waiting until after marriage to lose my virginity.Lex – We don't have to have sex. Just suck on my bald head like the bitch you are.Lana – But that means…Lex – That's right. My meteor power is to look like a giant penis. Suck it bitch!

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