This Is Not The Greatest Post In The World, This Is Just A Tribute

For those wondering where I was yesterday, well lets just say it’s Groundhog Day and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to escape the inevitable time warp so I spent Sunday setting up some safeguards. Unfortunately they didn’t work.

Imagine if you can the post I made this morning. It was a good post about preconceptions. I think I started it by saying how surprised I was when I first found out that salt is mined out of the earth and doesn’t just come from the sea. To a kid that’s mind-blowing news. Of course, you can’t remember that post because I haven’t posted it in this version of today, but trust me, that’s what I originally posted. The first few times the day restarted I obstinately refused to change anything, simply posting the same thing again and again. Maybe a word changed here and there but it was basically the same post. I can’t remember how many times I posted it, seeing the same comments over and over. Oh, interesting point. Did you know that your title determines how many visitors you’ll get? I changed the title at one point to something I thought suited the post better and three of you didn’t bother commenting on the same post you’d commented on so many todays before; just because of a slightly different title! I wont mention names as you don’t remember, but rest assured I’m mad at you and have taken steps to punish you for it.

The day restarted and I got fed up with talking about salt and how we should look at things with a clear mind. I started posting random things – a different philosophy of mine each time, and a photograph to illustrate it. I don’t know how many times it happened. All I can remember is the response to the last one. All it consisted of was a photograph of an old man crying over the body of a child and three words. The response was incredible. I was suddenly getting comments from hundreds of members I’d never heard of before, many of which seemed to have joined this month. Upon checking Hitslink I found I’d had over 70,000 unique visits in the three hours the post had been up. Suddenly everyone understood. Everything made sense. People weren’t afraid anymore. Opera was contacted by authorities and my e-mail address handed out. World leaders personally contacted me and thanked me for the post. Peace was declared between all nations and religions joined together in an effort to determine the true will of their Gods. People were going out into the streets to bring in the homeless, feed them, clothe them, give them a roof over their heads. All who read the post were so touched that they set out to make the world a better place and spread the word. A universal language reached it’s infancy by afternoon, inspired by the understanding I’d spread. All governments started working together in am effort to explore the furthest reaches of space. It was magnificent.

But today is Groundhog Day so it restarted again until I got everything right. I woke up to face Monday morning yet again and this time I did something I’d somehow forgotten to do all those other Mondays. I looked at my fiancee and realised I love her more than anything I’ve ever loved and more each day. Maybe tomorrow will be Tuesday due to that. Can it really be so simple as appreciating the little miracles in my life more often? Is that what I need to get right? It’s certainly made me happier today than any of the other times I’ve been through today. That I’ve found someone in this world who completes me so thoroughly is nothing short of a miracle. Maybe changing the entire world isn’t worth it if we can’t appreciate the wonders in our own life. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday if it ever comes.


54 thoughts on “This Is Not The Greatest Post In The World, This Is Just A Tribute

  1. :). Glad to be one of your millions of adoring fans. :beer: Here's to Tuesday, and remembering the little things that are everything. Just. Everything.

  2. You mistake me for someone else, Randy. I only act shallow for fun. I'm actually a deity, you know.Welcome to the fold Jen. Coffee is free flowing and t-shirts are available from the sticky post.

  3. When everything is taken away from you, it's the little things you miss most and aspire to regain. All those things you took for granted seem like ambrosia when they're gone – good coffee, books, the feeling when you've eaten just enough of the food you enjoy most and are nicely full. Tiny little things that I take for granted that I'd miss terribly if they were gone. The same applies more so for the feelings we have.We all take too much for granted in our lives. Always think there'll be plenty of time to let our true feelings be shown. So many people have regrets because of that exact reason. Tomorrow, even though I wont have changed the world anymore and many people may die because of that, I'll be glad that I made this post as the one that lasted the day.

  4. Isn't it beautiful :heart: to find love like that! good for both of you!Nowadays people take their relationships for grantedps. nice seeing a softer side! šŸ™‚

  5. No such thing as a softer side, Marike. I just present myself to the world with honesty, don't give a crap if I show good or bad, and don't worry what other people think about it. Everything comes from that side.

  6. I have no idea what to say, so I'm going to summon my team of smilies and make a quiet getaway:ninja: :spock: :knight: :chef: PS šŸ˜Ž post šŸ˜€

  7. This is the third time I return to this post, and it seems to change for each time I'm here.Anyway – this time I really like it! :DI am happy that Kimmie has got you! :yes:

  8. It's already tuesday morning here, and the post is so sweet :awww:I saw it on the news last night, it says you've never had snow like this since 1990. I saw London was covered with thick white snow and I could almost imagine Prince Charles trying to make a snowman… How cute :left::sst: you almost got me thinking the last paragraph was specially dedicated to the guys who've been sending you love letters :right:

  9. You might want to reconsider that statement, Kimmie. If not a group, then what are we?No comment about what Mik said though. :P:zip:

  10. Well yes, this is your group. However, if you were to intersect your group with other groups, like the kitty's group or Kimmie's group or whatever, you would find that quite a few names frequently appear in the intersected area.I would say that those recurring people a group of their own, although I wouldn't really know how to describe the group. It is technically a group of friends that you have in common with others, but I'm sure there is a good, undoubtedly soppy, explanation behind why certain names keep reappearing.Hmmm, that's not a very good explanation. Maybe I need to draw a Venn diagram. :awww:I've not seen any subliminal control patterns – I guess that means I'm immune. :knight:

  11. You haven't heard about Fanny's dungeon yet? :eyes:.Moe, on this page you'll find people who interact with each other and people who don't. I'm not friends with all the people who are friends of my friends, and my friends aren't all friends with each other. So, this is my group – people who centre around me and read my posts, unaware of the subliminal control patterns within them.

  12. I'm not fat Randy. Your vanity just stops your mind comprehending the fact that someone this good looking, and this intelligent can be muscled too. I'll forgive your jealousy though. šŸ˜€

  13. šŸ˜† ohh ewww …that's your job Kimmie…tighter fridge security? yeah right… how do you think he got there in the frist place.back in the old days we studied at the same teleportation school :faint: …he's so abusing his powers šŸ™„

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