MWC – Sony Ericsson Idou

Do you take this phone, to have and to hold…

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Sony Ericsson just shook the smartphone world up a little at one of their pre-show events.

Pretty soon we’ll be hearing a lot more about an absolutely gorgeous phone they just unveiled, currently going by the codename Idou (official site here), but here’s what we know so far.

  • 12.1MP camera with Xenon flash, face detection, smile shutter and anti-shake image stabilisation.
  • 3.5 inch 16:9 ratio touchscreen.
  • Symbian OS, with rumours that it will run the new Symbian Foundation OS that’s yet to be announced.
  • This is currently a concept, but is slated to have a model number assigned and be released in the third quarter of 2009.
  • Enough sexy style in a Symbian handset to make Apple start worrying big time.
  • The first announced device to natively support Entertainment Unlimited synchronisation – SE’s new monthly subscription, unlimited movie downloads, content automatically synched between PC’s and mobile devices service.
  • This premium phone is designed under one original concept – combining the distinctive features of the Walkman and Cybershot phones into one device, and it will have the latest software from both installed.

So far so cutting edge, beating our standalone Sony cybershot digital camera for photo resolution and hosting an operating system that no-one outside the Symbian Foundation has heard about yet. Its a safe bet to say this will be SE’s latest flagship model, and sell only to gadget freaks who make me look normal and have more money than they know what to do with. Still, she’s a pretty little thing isn’t she.


18 thoughts on “MWC – Sony Ericsson Idou

  1. Looks interesting. Maybe I decide to change my phone in a next year or so. Maybe the price of that one will be more affordable for me :left:

  2. You're not going to find this one cheap at all. :insane: Hey, how come Hitslink thinks you're from Yugoslavia? Are you reunited now?Touchscreen is the future man, no matter how much I resist it. šŸ˜¦ At the moment though, everyone's doing a Me Too at Apple in an attempt to get some customers who value ease over features back.

  3. "Hey, how come Hitslink thinks you're from Yugoslavia? Are you reunited now?"We are not. I think it is about their database of countries. Or, if they connect to data over web addresses, we are at the end of changing process from .yu to .rs domain. Soon, I hope it will be only Serbia seen from my side.

  4. Was wondering. I figured either they'd missed a war or I'd missed a reconciliation of countries. šŸ˜† I never even thought about a new country having to swap it's web addresses to a new identifier before. That's pretty cool to think about.

  5. Indeedy! I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because all I get right now is snow :down:. I'll keep you posted, though!

  6. I'd bet money and Clint's arms on this particular phone having more power than your current device Marike.Kiran, I'll tell you when it's not just a mock up.I'd save some legs worth too mate. :up:.Gypsy Rose likes? See if you can get me one when you do your gypsy dance of raining phones. :yes:

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