Ovi Store Announced And Dated

Nokia finally announced their on device application store update (possibly the worst kept secret in the mobile world for the past six months), renamed it the Ovi Store and said it’ll be ready soonish.

“Bah, we’ve had one of those for months now!” – irate Apple fan.

Yes Ira, you have, but lets look at reality for a moment. The iPhone is available on one operator in each territory and only has one hardware setup (not counting the addition of UMTS data capabilities) so it’s not all that hard for Apple to set up their system. Nokia has multiple hardware setups to cater for and filter out the things that would break the phone, two operating sytems to support and is available on almost every single worldwide network operator in some form. The realities of pulling this all together by the announced release date are staggering.

The announced release date is in May and one thing that stood out in the conference was the announced publisher share of 70%, rivalling similar application systems enough to make Nokia competetive again and guarantee developers will submit their work. While the recommendation system (star ratings, comments and Newest Apps list) is pretty much standard these days, Nokia is attempting to innovate with location awareness in the store demonstrated by the example of the store offering a Lonely Planet Guide when arriving at a new destination.

Also announced is the fact that the store will also allow ringtones, themes, wallpapers, videos and other media to be submitted, including podcast feed addresses, showing that some content at least will still be offered freely. Rumours have spread that Nokia Music store will have it’s own Ovi Store section.

Unfortunately one thing wasn’t made very clear – how this store will be delivered to existing phones. I’d prefer a downloadable application rather than having to have a firmware update (my last update through Carphone Warehouse killed my phone and the replacement had a lower version number :irked:) as many people don’t update their firmware or are prevented from doing so by restrictive network branded firmware. Hopefully it’ll just be an online update of the existing Download application. Hope you’re listening to this, Nokia.


2 thoughts on “Ovi Store Announced And Dated

  1. Firmware updates that break phone functionality are annoying. My N93i got an update that breaks the 3D graphics API. Basically I can't play Java games that use 3D graphics. And thats highly annoying considering it's one of the phones with the highest 3D performance in existence.Anyway, I hope we'll see a lot of new apps on Ovi.

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