Rumblings – Mostly Windows Mobile

In other events around the show talks were held between manufacturers in an attempt to standardise mobile chargers. Finally we’ll be able to go to a friends house and keep our phone charged without carrying the plug around with us. Give it ten more years to be released and for everyone to have upgraded so they own one.

One company released details of their new SIM card product with a built in accelerometer. Things like this can add functionality to older phones and keep newer ones cheaper to make as the hardware is built into your SIM. In short, a good thing.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 made it’s official debut at the Mobile World Congress yesterday, concentrating on improving the touchscreen functionality of the current system rather, and surrounded by new handsets. The usual suspects announced that they’d be creating handsets, with HTC unveiling their imaginatively named Touch Diamond 2. No surprises there. Acer (the makers of my very cheap and nasty PC) have announced a range of WM6.5 handsets ranging from high end to budget handsets all looking very pretty indeed.

LG announced a deal to create 50 new WM handsets with their S-Class touch interface over the top of the operating system. Strange thing about that is that LG is a member of the Symbian Foundation and has been making S60 handsets for a while now. In fact they have a brand new S60 touchscreen device hidden away in the Other section of their paperwork which didn’t get announced at the show. Sounds like mutiny to me.

The other big news in the Windows Mobile world is that Dell will be developing a smartphone as has long been rumoured. The announcement came from AT&T’s CEO at the show who said that Dell had just announced it. Um, no they haven’t yet which means you’re in a little trouble matey boy.


11 thoughts on “Rumblings – Mostly Windows Mobile

  1. that was a nice read thanks Mik… :up:I would like to get the htc touch pro with my next upgrade, my current phone doesn't have a keypad it's on screen and can be a problem! 😦

  2. :up: ' Bout time. I hate being without a charger. Sad when you pick friends who go thru the same provider just to share chargers. :D. I only did that once. Don't judge me!

  3. I don't judge that. I let everyone I know know that I wont be visiting unless they have a charger that'll fit my phone.Yeah, I'm not a fan of fully touchscreen phones. :yuck:

  4. Never had one… Or tried one. I like my phone mostly. Just don't like my limitations. Or my stupid touchy rollerball. :irked: *ponts* Bad rollerball! You got me banned!

  5. *nods* rollerball sometimes moves slightly when I click on it. Resulting in a simple delete morphing into "Report as Spam". 😦 very sad

  6. Just delete anyway. If you notice something getting moved to spam by accident, go in there and delete it properly. We've all done it, but it's probably leaving it there that caused the problem. They get added to a list which admin have to check out manually stuff that isn't spam just makes more work for them.

  7. I like the idea of a standardized charger.I'll be one of them who'll have it in ten years time. 😀 Unless I get that SIM first, so I don't have to upgrade my phone… :left:

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