Islamic Devil Worshipping Doll And Game

Meet the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle And Coo doll. Apart from having a name that’s way too long for any parent to remember, there’s one other thing stopping this doll from becoming a top Christmas seller this year. This doll is possessed by Satan! Okay okay, I’m kidding around. The fact is that this doll isn’t really possessed, but that hasn’t stopped people from branding it as a tool of evil.

In October 2008, parents of children who owned the dolls started reporting some strange things being said by the dolls. Both “Islam is the light” and “Satan is king” have been separately reported as having been said by the doll. Obviously this gave some very ill informed people an excuse to shout out about how disgusting it was for the toy company to force their religion on children. Many blog comments I witnessed while researching this article were of the opinion that it was terrorist propaganda, further showing how small minded they are in their beliefs that anything involving Islam is tantamount to terrorism. As usual there were people shouting out that Satan is indeed king just to wind up the blog owners, some of which had provided as fair a story as they could with limited information. And there were people like me wondering what all the fuss was about, and if people were really that scared of exposing their children to the knowledge of a different religion than the one they’d already forced on the child.

Fisher Price, who make the devil doll, responded, claiming that the doll only had one preset word recorded (typically, “Mama”) and that the rest of the sounds were a licensed sound file. Time moved on, the story slowed down and eventually died only to rise again in December 2008 with a video game. Baby Pals is a Nintendo DS videogame aimed at young children. In essence it’s a doll with virtual pet software included meaning you have to look after the doll, feeding and cleaning up after it. The controversy began anew when parents started to report hearing the doll in the game saying “Islam is the light” again, although this time no reports claiming “Satan is king” came forth.

So, what is the deal? Are these two separate companies really trying to brainwash children with subliminal programming into following a certain faith (two if you count Satanism) or is this a case of a disgruntled worker sabotaging a children’s toy? Well, neither to be honest. The problem stems from the fact that both companies used the same sound file (which can be downloaded from the link on the left) to represent the ambient baby sounds. Ah, so the sound file is corrupting our children then? No. The sound file is a recording of a five month old baby who is obviously too young to have views on these matters, nevermind promote those views to other people. Ah, so the parents are just paranoid idiots who’re imagining it then?

Download the file and decide for yourself. Do you hear any religious undertones?


62 thoughts on “Islamic Devil Worshipping Doll And Game

  1. Maybe the baby the sound file was recorded from was the reincarnation of a particular religious figure (he who shall not be drawn). 😉

  2. Maybe one parent was in a weird mood when they heard that and reported it, causing dozens of others to follow suit after they'd heard a suggestion about what they were meant to hear. 😆 I've got loads of stories like this, but this is one of the strangest.

  3. Meh. I'm not even slightly surprised by this. Are you familiar with all the messages that Disney are purported to have inserted into various films over the years?(If not, here are examples from Aladdin, The Lion King, The Lion King (again – but this one is a talking book) and The Little Mermaid.)It seems that some people have nothing better to do than try to find something that could possibly be misinterpreted as a sinister message in an otherwise innocuous product. 🙄

  4. Well, I can almost hear the islam 'quote', but I've no idea where the satan bit comes from.I find the toy itself fairly unsettling.What's that a screenshot of?

  5. I remember, back in the days when I was sent to Sunday school, one evening spent listening to Madonna music played backwards trying to listen for where she said "I love Satan". Weird.

  6. Mart & Tils, I can just about hear something at the end that slightly sounds like "light". The rest is down to the society of fear in post-September America.Mart again, it's a screenshot of Narc an old arcade game I used to play ages ago.Dennis, worship your saviour.Jen, no need to be afraid. *injects a liquidied burger into the celery* That stuffs bad for you, you know.Marike, sing along with me. :sing: 7, 8, Dennis stays up late. 9, 10, never breathes again.Mart the Third, you've seen me eating KFC then. 😮

  7. Blaise? I donno how to convey the word. Blah-ZAY. And the fact I have to explain it takes away from using the word to begin with. *lip quivers*

  8. Something like can't be bothered to change the way things are even if you have a problem with them, if memory serves. Not seen it in use much so haven't had to remember.

  9. This from the man who just used 'tantamount' and 'ambient' in a blog post :rolleyes:.:sst: although I did just spot a typo :p

  10. I did? That's what you get for outsourcing your posts. :irked: Normally I'd just bang on the keyboard with my head and fists, add an image and put an amusing title on. I got more visitors that way. 😆

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