Mobile Hotmail

Hotmail updating via the S60 e-mail client

Just a little announcement here that’s mostly of interest to phone users but may possibly be of use to some other people. Hotmail is now available to use via POP3 e-mail clients. That’s right phone lovers, you too can waste your data allowances downloading more spam than you’ll ever read.

Unfortunately most of the decent e-mail clients rely solely on setting up mail via a wizard with preset settings for their known providers and this is so new that most of those services haven’t updated yet. To manually set up your Hotmail, use these settings.

  • Username – your Hotmail e-mail address
  • Password – your password, duh
  • Pop Server –
  • Pop Port – 995
  • SSL – Yes
  • SMTP Server –
  • SMTP Port – 25 or 587
  • Authentication – Yes

While not all settings will be needed for all phones, simply entering the ones you need and connecting will allow you access to your Hotmail account.


13 thoughts on “Mobile Hotmail

  1. I have about 15 spam mails per day in my Hotmail account. Probably because I use this address for various registrations all over the Internet 😛

  2. My work email gets up to 100 a day, fortunately filtered out pretty well before they reach me. My Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail accounts get a grand total of maybe 2 spam a week :p

  3. I have opened it in 1997. when it was not in Microsoft`s posession and has less than 1 million users. By now, this must be one of the oldest active acounts there :happy:

  4. :sst: Skyfire. Works a charm with Hotmail and resetting the password. Why they think mobile users would never do that is beyond me. :irked:

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