Stan Lee has reportedly created the world’s first headlining homosexual superhero. The character, Thom Creed, is a high school basketball player who is forced to hide his powers as well as his sexuality. Creed will first be unveiled to the world in an hour long television special in the US. It is currently unknown what his powers will be…

Of course, Stan Lee is a much bigger name than Perry Moore when you’re writing a news story about superheroes which is probably why the majority of newspapers are reporting that Stan Lee has created a new character and barely mentioning Moore, if at all.

…unless you can read that is. In 2007 Perry Moore published Hero, a novel about a high school basketball player called Thom Creed. Thom’s father is a disgraced superhero who retired after a national incident and now works as a factory operative. Thom’s powers start to become apparant as he simultaneously discovers his sexuality, but he must keep both a secret or suffer the wrath of the homophobia town he’s grown up in.

“Hero is a quick, at times shallow, but satisfying novel”
~ The Advocate ~

Hero was written in response to a single comic book moment – where Wolverine (one of Marvel’s most popular characters) murders Northstar (Marvel’s most prominent gay character at that time). Moore felt that the incident sent the wrong message to readers and started to keep track of homosexual characters in comic books, noticing how often they’re killed off or retconned to actually be straight. His observations led him to write Hero in an attempt to send a more positive message. One has to wonder whether the section about Thom masturbating over internet porn will send a positive message, and how it will be portrayed in the television programme.


18 thoughts on “Hero

  1. I'd cover my ass if i was the bad guy 😆 :left: ok that's enough out of me :p do we really need gay characters? Would the gay community feel better if their kids could read about a gay hero in something as simple as a comic?Would the hetero community let their kids read it? :left: ok that wasn't enough out of me :p

  2. We do have a gay superhero for years. Never thought why Bruce Wayne does not shag his girl-friend but hangs around with Robin in tight latex and leather? Batman and Robin, Ernie and Bert, Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastins…

  3. I think it comes down to integration of ideas into society. At the moment gay characters still aren't as prevalent as hetero characters in anything but porn, despite estimates saying half the people in the world are gay or have had a gay sexual encounter. We've had a gay cowboy love story so why not a gay superhero? The problem lies in the way the existing gay characters are portrayed – all typically limp wristed stereotypes – and it wont go into detail of the things they deal with because the things growing teenagers deal with when becoming sexually aware aren't really comic book material. The book deals with a boy coming to terms with his sexuality, as much as it does a superhero learning about his abilities and the superhero genre is regularly used to show the difficulties with kids going through puberty as that's a synonym for their powers emerging.

  4. He let her get away with murder? Testifies that he had no romantic intest in her. A husband e.g. would be the first at the police to testify against his wife 🙂

  5. I wonder how this'll play in the preview screenings. It's not like superheroes were exactly ramming their sexuality in your face anyway :left:. I suspect a lot will see it just to demonstrate how open-minded they are.

  6. The problem lies in the way the existing gay characters are portrayed – all typically limp wristed stereotypes –

    Not all of 'em.Texas writer Joe Lansdale has been enormously successful with his Hap Collins and Leonard Pine series. Hap and Joe are friends. Hap's white, Leonard's black. Hap's straight, Leonard's gay. Neither mince. Also, in The Authority, Midnighter and Apollo are married. They're presented as some of the toughest, most powerful, merciless characters in comics (particularly midnighter).

  7. Yet still they're not as mainstream as say Batman or Wolverine.*has a Dark Claw flashback*The Authority is even printed under DC's "edgy" (we're scared this might give us a bad name so we'll set up an entire other company to print it) Wildstorm name.

  8. *has a Dark Claw flashback*

    😆 😆 :lol:I still shudder from the Steve Trevor Frank Castle amalgam … 🙄 😆

  9. I don't think I caught that. I just got a hold of the Dark Claw episode of that crossover and couldn't go back. The Hyena scared me too much. 😥

  10. Apollo and Midnighter – interesting. I thought of DC of a kind of conservative bunch. But I hadn't any interest in superheros for years, maybe with the exception of Captain Hero.

  11. Nah, I was on a working vacation at the time. Only things to do in that place apart from work and surf was jogging, pinball, space invaders (the original) and reading old comic books that had never sold in the vllage shop. They didn't have the rest. 😦

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