Two Years

Two years on this site.

Two years of writing this page and I’m still here. I’ve faced mortal enemies, the loss of real friends and the constant gain of new ones. I’ve written about my favourite subjects – videogames, phones, my philosophies in life, the way parents should take more responsibility for their children, the way the world seems to have lost it’s morals somewhere – as well as anything else that has caught my eye as worth sharing. In accordance with my world view I’ve tried to keep this place as light as possible while covering some pretty dark territory.

Special Mentions
A couple of thousand people have helped shape this page over the past two years and, while I can’t go mentioning everybody here, I can mention a couple of defining moments. Remember, I’ve got a text input limit so don’t get pissy if you aren’t mentioned.
Clint was the first friend I made here. A great guy with a dark sense of humour that almost perfectly matches my own. Finding someone so like-minded straight off is one of the reasons I got past that starting point where you don’t know if this is your thing or not. Realising you’ve been here two years and you still count that person as a good friend is a great feeling.
The thing I’ll always remember about Mart is when he told me off. I’d posted about Bush but had done a lackluster job of researching my post, filling it with mixed fact and rumours without specifying which was which, and he called me on it. Reading with a fresh pair of eyes I saw how bad it was and deleted it as a rewrite would have had to have been complete. He gained my respect and friend request that day.
The cat has been a constant nemesis for me ever since she ganged up with Esther to murder me, steal my wallet and go to Vienna on my money. Our wars have been some of my most fun moments on here, keeping my mind active and making me feel young again. Anyone watching me set out my next attack/counter would see a look of childish joy on my face that normally only occurs when I’m watching original Transformers cartoons. Behind the scenes of our war a friendship has bloomed and I count her as one of my most trusted people on here.
There are many others of course, some of which can’t be here and some of which are here everyday. I’d love to mention you all, but I’ve got my three year anniversary post to plan for too. Stick around that long and you may be included in the special mentions there.

I and others have helped redefine the conceptions people have of what is possible for phone users, working harder just to stay on the same level as PC users. I was the first pure phone user here to actually have an avatar and later helped others upload their own, I had the first fully phone created blog theme and again passed on the knowledge to others in order to help them out, my tips range of posts get me loads of thanking inboxes and questions from people who invariably have their private messages turned off, and I’m fast becoming one of the first people thought of when someone says the words “mobile blogger”, at least on this site.

While I revel in the role, I didn’t set out that way. Like most people I just made a post on a newly created account, half wondering if I’d ever make another and not expecting any comments. Of course, my long time readers know what happened next, but not everyone has been here since the beginning so I’ll repeat it here. Having gotten rid of the phone that was tied to the e-mail address I used to sign up I wasn’t able to authenticate the account and lost access to it. A few days later I created this account and have only recently moved that first post over here for the sake of completeness. I’ve come a long way since then.

My first few weeks here were spent figuring out the ways the web had changed since I’d been away, realising just how boring my life is and that I had nothing interesting to write about, learning how to post images and change text to bold, etc. If you look at my posts then and my posts now you’ll see the stark contrast between them. Going through them all shows a steady growth in knowledge, confidence and style as I experiment with new things to do on this page and develop consistent themes and long running jokes.

In short, two years ago I was like any new blogger. I didn’t know what to write about and I didn’t know how to write it. In two years time I’ve gained better skills but most importantly I’ve gained an audience worth writing for. Friends who enjoy my page and whom I enjoy a mutual respect with. If you’re new to this place just think to yourself that in two years time, you could be like me.

I wish you luck.


100 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. ahhhh Esther & the Cat… Tag teamed!! 😆 …yeah trust me when I tell you she stole your wallet after practicing on me many times 😀 I was one of Esther's first friends (if not the first); met her on the introduce yourself page. (forum) we used to leave each other 60 messages at a time 😆 ..she's a trip :p love her to death :DI created the term "iwife" meaning "internet wife" referring to her then it just snowballed & all of a sudden I had ichildren I knew not of. (I'm looking at you Carol lol)Don't see her much again though 😦 times change.anyway good post :up:

  2. You described the beginnings of every blogger (or almost every one) so good. I came here by chance, wanted to try Opera software and…. the rest is a history :DI met you and Kimmie on old Zaph`s blog and was :eyes: at some of yours comments. Thought to myself, who is that guy and why is he so mean to kitty. Went to your blog just to discover few posts about phones :D*takes out a bottle of 2 years old orange juice* We must drink to this! :cheers:What? :eyes: There are kids that read this post, we should be a good example to them :P:sst: I put some vodka in it :left: :right:

  3. Originally posted by Darko:

    I met you and Kimmie on old Zaph`s blog

    Old Zaph's blog, eh? :irked:You're sure you don't mean Zaph's old blog? 😉

  4. I love this post – and not only because I'm mentioned in it. :DThe way you describe the beginning – it was exactly like that for me too. I didn't know what to write, nobody commented, I felt like I was alone in cyberspace.That was two years and one month ago – I got my account in January.I must say that our wars have amused me as well. I nearly pissed my pants laughing when I photoshopped you last. 😆 I would like to say a lot of nice things about you, but I am a little bit concerned about your ego, so I won't. Just know that you earned my respect pretty much faster than others have managed.

  5. "Old Zaph's blog":doh:Sometimes I think in Serbian and write in English, this is completely correct in my language :whistle::D

  6. Awww, this is such a nice post! Congrats again :hat:I first met you on your 'Online Friendships' post, and it just went on from there. :happy:

  7. Two years of the Furie :eyes::hat:I remember the Bush post – never connected it with being friends, though :p.

  8. I found My Opera through Operamini. I found Operamini because I was too stubborn to accept my mobile networks opinion that my old mobile phone would never work on the internet. :p.I stumbled across Mik's blog, and promptly forgot about it. Then, at a later stage, I returned to the spiritual home of My Opera phone bloggers. :D.Most of my apps on my phone came from you, Mik! Thanks for helping me along! :yes:.

  9. Congratulaciones :hat:!!!! Only 2 years :eyes:? I thought you've been here like, forever :D:cheers: 😀 😀 :DGlad you've finally added a link to your archive 😉 :p

  10. I lurked for a bit before I first commented. Mik (and Kimmie) seemed to be very formidable and intelligent people, and that somehow intimidated me a little (I'm more intelligent than other people think I am, but not as intelligent as I think I am 😆 ). Nevertheless, I ultimately took the plunge and commented, and (most likely, I can't recall, the memory has been suppressed) received a sound verbal thrashing for the inanity of it (to this day, I flagellate for my sins … :eyes: ).Browbeaten, I slunk away, and (as far as I know – anything else is a dirty lie) only ever left single smiley comments thereafter (knowing how much he likes them; try it, kids – he loves logging in and going through his messages and scrolling down to find a single smiley and the end of all the comments! 😉 )So …… two years since this mobile powerhouse burst onto the Opera scene, eh? Well done! 🙂 :cheers:

  11. Mart, online we can find a million people who'll agree with us for the sake of being friends. Finding someone who respects you enough to be honest is something else entirely. When I knew you were one of those, I added you to my Pokedex. :D. Randy's another one who earned my respect with a single action. He, and most of the people here, knows how. Standing up for a friend is something lots of people do. Standing up against a friend for something you feel is right is a quality I want in my friends even if it's used on me.Everyone on my friends list is respected for something or other. As you've probably noticed I value honesty above anything else. Yes men are of no interest to me. They make me lazy and drag the quality of my writing down. People who'll challenge me on the other hand… Well, I'll show you guys the same courtesy. Brutally sometimes.:devil:

  12. You were one of my first commenters David. Then you ran away and hid for a year and a half. 😆 You stood out as having the single greatest avatar in the history of the world back then. As I just said, I don't appreciate yes men and the web is full of them. I pride myself in my honesty. It's not that Kim or I are scary people, it's just that we're not sheep and refuse to join that sect.Hey, why's everyone worried about my ego? As long as we're being honest and open here, let me tell you I actually don't have that high an opinion of myself. I'll freely admit when I'm good at something, and the things I'm bad at are of no interest to me so why should I talk about them? It's a very healthy way to live life and view yourself. Give it a try folks.Rose, I remember that's how we met. You had a scary egyptian avatar at the time. About a year of talking later we realised we hadn't added each other as friends. Kind of fitting given the post we met on. :rolleyes:.Darko, one thing I've seen since I've been here is that attitude makes a lot of difference when you're starting a new blog. I watch all new blogs I comment on and the ones that mention that they may not post again rarely do. The ones that say they've moved from another site get fed up that they don't have many comments early on and don't come back. People who just post without musing on the future of their pages are the ones who stick around more often.Carol, I met through Kim and I consistently challenge her religious posts. Hope you know I'm only doing it cause I respect you enough to take a different view than your own. I know I sometimes come across as "this is my point of view, all others are wrong". It's the price you pay for being respected.Alla, I found through Hitslink when Leo posted a link on her page to my first tips post. Seventeen blogs later and she's still here. I've given up watching her page though cause she moves after every post. :bomb: Ya old dad can't keep up and he's sick of you putting your boobs out for all the boys.Kiran – STUBBLE! :mad:.Aadil, you all end up here eventually. Mwuhahahahaaa!Old Zaph – Did I miss anyone?

  13. Not today kitty, I've got a headache. :awww: Hold on, that didn't come out right. Not like that!Alla dear, you have half your visitors drooling over you anyway. Surely you don't need to have them on display so often? I'll get Kiran to comment on your weight! :knight:

  14. Mik, we have been on My Opera for the same amount of time. Two years in February for me, like you. I remember meeting you in the forums. I have great respect for you and Kimmie that words can not describe. As for your challenging me about my religious posts you know how I feel about others and their obeliefs, I respect their rights. I do pray for you though. :DThank you for being my friend when I haven't been a good one. Sorry, I do try to be a good one. Sucks being human sometimes.

  15. I was distracted last night and didn't have the chance to record anything. I shall put up a voice post at some point, just gotta get the chance.

  16. Congrats! :drunk: Quite an achievement. Some people are lucky/smart/witty/amazing enuf to catch lightening in a bottle. :sherlock: . I'm going with lucky for you, so your ego will remain tolerable. :P'Course, I met you on Clint's page. When I haven't been intimidated as all hell by you, I've really laughed my ass off and learned a ton! Always been impressed how you share your knowledge and experiences to allow everyone the pie-in-the-sky chance to compete with the Furie. :D. :

  17. We know you were joking. That's why it's a great threat to make. 😆 Seriously though, bad choice of target.

  18. Wow, some huge comments :eyes:I don't know how we first met, though. I was mostly a Lounge-dweller back then, something which you never were. I remember you tagged me for something :sherlock:

  19. Penguins Plus I believe. I think that's how I met you and Carol. Clint I met on his page when he first started posting all the jokes he knew. The rest of them came from the corn. :insane:

  20. 😆 I totally and humbly stand corrected. *bows* I didn't remember you on Ravo's but I definitely remember the eyebrows. :up:

  21. :lol:You can't scare me with Kiran's joke, I've alredy had my share once. :sing: Now I'm strooongeeer :sing:

  22. I apologized 3 times.I mean how much I rub my nose on the ground in the hope that she will forgive me.I think she was in search of a chance to get offended and delete me.But I don't care now.

  23. Actually Jen, you met me on Ravo's page. David had put a call for evil talkers to help him against an anonymous commenter who was troublesome. Then you stole my eyebrows on Randy's page. :irked:

  24. Ok i'm late but as i'm mentioned in the post i'll forgive myself :p no squeaky voice yet? Darn :lol:..I remember Penguins + 😀 one of my favorite groups but has fallen to the wayside unfortunately 😦

  25. I'd completely forgotten about Penguins+ :doh:. That would have been when Tori was around, adding as a friend anyone she saw then inviting them to her group soon after. I left it a long time ago.

  26. Welcome Kerst. Do me an anniversary favour and forgive Kiran. He really didn't mean anything and he can't PM you the private apology he thinks you deserve. Pwetty pwease? :awww: I'll make a post about women being superior to men in some way. ;).All groups do eventually, wolf. But they put like minded people together and that lasts longer than the groups had hoped to. :yes:

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