Tonya Carrington-Anderson is angry with a video game that taught her son to use swear words. That’s right folks, another videogame hitting the headlines for corrupting our sweet, innocent children. Tonya (36 years old, stupid name) gave her son Ethan the DS version of the popular word game Scrabble for Christmas in 2007 to help improve his vocabulary and enable him to test his skill against virtual characters. She was horrified to learn that the virtual characters were winning using slang words and crude abuse.

Trying out the game for herself she was shocked when her opponent used the word “Tits” which the in game dictionary (copied directly from the Official Scrabble Dictionary by Collins Harper) defines as both “a garden bird” or “an informal word for female breasts. However it was the next word that really made her mad. The computer opponent spelled out “Fuckers” which the dictionary defines as “a slang word for chavs”, got a triple word score from it and won the game. It’s unclear whether Tonya is angry about the word or the fact that she lost.

I think this is hilarious. The fact that the game has junior settings that stop these words being used totally escaped Tonya despite it being mentioned both on the packaging and in the manual. The fact that she thinks her eleven year old son has never heard these words before, probably from her (most children learn curse words from their parents who then blame everyone else, and that’s a fact that can’t be denied). The whole thing is funny.

Oh, one last thing. If you’re in Britain and not a chav then you do refer to them as “fuckers” amongst less pleasant names. If you’re a chav in Britain then you can’t read this anyway so you wont even know what I’m talking about you worthless scum of the earth thieving shit for brains fuckers.


12 thoughts on “Scrabble

  1. It can't be blamed on the games. Parents need to teach themselves about videogames and other media and show better judgement when deciding what their kids can play.

  2. In her defence, if she's buying her 11-year-old boy a Scrabble DS game and he's actually playing it (as opposed to saying "what the fuck have you bought me this for, mum?"), there's a chance he might not have seen those words before. When I was 11 the worst I knew was 'bloody hell'. "Fuck", shit", "bugger", "twat", etc…I didn't know any of those :pBut she still should have read the packaging 🙄

  3. I knew all those words :awww: maybe because my dad and his pals found it amusing teaching kids to say 'fuck you' to other grown men 🙄

  4. What makes me wonder about this story is that she bought the game in 2007 and it took ten months for her to start complaining. Yeah, I wrote this a while ago. 😮

  5. Surely you're not saying that the mother didn't adequately look at the possible content of what she was providing for her kid? Poor woman … all she wanted was something to keep him out of her hair for a couple of hours when the TV wasn't up to the job … :p 😉

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