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My long time readers will know by now that I absolutely despise the iPhone. I’ve given some reasons why but it’s about time I went into detail. The iPhone was a very well designed phone in terms of hardware, blowing the competition away with its uber-powerful processor and build quality. The only thing that really matched it in terms of build quality were Samsung’s high end phone models (a couple of which I managed to have a play around with a while back and found to be amazingly well put together). When I first saw the iPhone specifications I thought it was the future of smartphones, especially with that processor, although the camera could have done with a couple of extra megapixels. The real problem I have with the iPhone therefore doesn’t lie with the build quality at all, more the limitations that Apple have put on the phone by locking so many features away and denying interoperation between applications. They just didn’t get it right. If someone could have released a phone with that power but with the features I use regularly then it might be the perfect phone. Which brings us rather sneakily to the Samsung Omnia HD.

Why You Should Drool
8 megapixel cameraphone, with smile and blink shot technologies, capable of recording video in HD resolution.
3.7 inch OLED touchscreen with 640×360 pixels resolution.
16GB on board memory expandable by micro SD cards.
HSUPA compatible as well as HSDPA allowing faster uploads as well as downloads.
Touchwiz 1.5 user interface on top of Symbian S60v5 operating system allowing ease of use and serious amounts of power.
Wireless TV-out for streaming HD movies to HD televisions.
Absolutely gorgeous.

Pretty little thing isn’t she? You can check out some of the specifications in the boxout on the right. The phone is due for release later this year. The typical build quality of Samsung’s high end models and the addition of a processor that can handle high definition video recording means this is what I originally thought the iPhone could be – a high powered, robust smartphone built for a heavy user like myself. Running the new S60v5 touch enabled operating system with Samsung’s own Touchwiz user interface means the phone has the power and flexibility of use that the iPhone was denied. In short this could be the phone I’ve been looking for.

“You see Apple? You see??? This is how it’s meant to be done!!!”

The Omnia HD was first introduced to the general public at the Mobile World Congress in February, and I tried to write an article about it then. Unfortunately each attempt turned into “You see Apple? You see??? This is how it’s meant to be done!!!” with a few photos of the phone thrown in for good measure. Yeah, that’s both how good the phone is and how bad the iPhone is compared to it. So why am I writing about it now, you may wonder. Well, I’m in with a small chance to get one of these phones as part of a word of mouth ambassador programme. If that happens I’ll be running The Dark Furie directly from the phone for a couple of months just to see how easy/difficult it would be to do with a touchscreen phone (I do have a wireless keyboard tucked away to help me out though). I’d be replacing our main camera with the phone and uploading my images and videos directly from it as I do now with my current phone. I’ll be exploring my town more (but not at night with a phone like that in my pocket) and taking photos or videos in the attractions around the place. And I’ll be installing my exhaustive library of applications and seeing how many I can use together and what effect this has on the phone. In short, I’d be replacing everything I use with this phone and really pushing it’s capabilities to the limit then writing articles about my experiences, along with a summary at the end of each week. As one of the few people who blogs about mobile phones and who is actually a pure mobile blogger and has several thousand daily readers on their phones (my Widsets widget has over 4,000 readers alone and I’ve recently entered the top 250 most visited pages on this site out of two and a half million members) I think I’m in with a pretty good chance to be one of the lucky 50 chosen to try this out before release.

Wish me luck.


53 thoughts on “Omnia

  1. Good Luck Mik!I saw this before… but a bit pricey for me. I need something that will fit my budget. I already got a buyer for my iPhone.

  2. I came my pants when I saw Samsung was going to use Symbian instead of that other crap they've been using in their high end phones. That's because I hate the old crappy software you got with Windows Mobile or Samsung's proprietary OS, such as the Pocket IE or Access NetFront web browsers. S60 browser and Opera Mobile are the kinds of browsers that help promote the one web ideology.Well. I'm still waiting for the N97. Alternatively the Palm Pre. I'm most eager for the Pre because of the form factor and the awesome WebOS they made, which coincides perfectly with my vision of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML taking entirely over as the language of front end applications. If only Opera Software can get Opera Platform preinstalled on phones I'd be happy.

  3. We can buy i900 Omnia in Serbia but with 240×400 px touchscreen and with Windows Mobile OS. This is first model of a phone that really interested me. Camera is 5.03 Mpx but it is not of a big importance to me. On the other hand, a price of 507 eur is pretty big for my finances. I will see.

  4. Bear in mind that if I get this it'll be before it's officially released and I'd be using it constantly as I use my current phone. I can defend myself well enough but not the phone. :awww:

  5. The Palm Pre's webOS looks interesting but I've heard a lot about them going the iPhone route and locking to a single network in each country. That's one of the reasons I don't like the iPhone as it takes freedom and flexibility away from the user.

  6. It doesn't work the same on phones as on PCs. To change OS you have to really know what you're doing and it doesn't work on every phone.

  7. Do you know is it going to be possible to change from WM to S60? I mean, this is just OS, there shouldn't be a problems :left:

  8. Wow, this looks so cool.I cross my fingers that you'll get to try it out before the release! You of all people deserve exactly that! :up:

  9. Looking at this impartially, you totally deserve it, baby. Your posts are well-thought out, deep and explained well. You have a big reader base. You have put this entire blog and helped others with just your phone. You spend a lot of time getting things just so, and we all know who to talk to about phone issues. What more could they want?

  10. *drools*Finally, a Samsung that sounds great and possibly tested by The Great Phone Guru himself :DKnowing that you'd tested it would certainly make me more likely to get one – good luck, Mik! :up:

  11. Cheque's in the mail for that comment, Mart. πŸ˜† Seriously though, can you think of anyone who uses their phones for as much as I do? Books, music, games, videos, blogging, chatting, micro blogging, newspaper, camera, photo editor, shopping list, map, calendar, e-mail. That's just what I used this morning before heading for the bus. If I get hold of one of these (it's currently unclear whether I'd get to keep it) I'd be using it to manage my lifestyle exactly the same way my current phone does, except this one may be more suited to the task as it'd have more power.Lets put it like this Darko, it's the one modification I wouldn't make to my own phone. I've actually got a post about changing operating system coming up at some point. It's still in the notes stage at the moment, but I'll get around to it eventually.

  12. No one is better suited to put a phone through it's paces. :D.Or rather, no one else that I know is. :left:. That looks like a great piece of hardware and Symbian sounds like a good addition. :up:.But I'm worried about any touchscreen phone. How could it possibly handle heavy typing? :eyes:. It's not like we can all get given keyboards for our phones. :left:.

  13. Hey, my comment was completely serious – any phone that gets the Furie badge of approval and survives the extensive battle testing has got to be worth a serious look by any self-respecting phonie :DAlthough i too share concerns over touch-screen typing. I've seen my colleague use his iPhone to text, and while he's quick, it's not even close to regular speed.

  14. 90% the time I use my phone for the internet surfing.My phone is n6630 so it's not as powerful as n81 that Mik uses.Mik,I have a problem with these kind of phones.They are too expensive.I can spend maximum 20K INR on a phone.This phone would be priced at 40K INR.I would have bought this phone if it was in my budget.I will buy a G2 if it's launched at 20k.3G has been started in India in the metropolis by MTNL.Its monthly rental is 500 INR,i.e. $11 per month,too expensive.300 INR would have been reasonable price.

  15. I've made my application. They want people who'll be using the phone's capabilities to the max and the application asked for your blog address (here obviously), a link to any videos you've made (Dial H For Harassment), a small review of your current phone (I made mine an informal one with some tech insights as that's what my posts will be like) and some extra info on how you'll be using the phone.Hopefully I'll find out by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.Not yesterday morning I didn't Carol. πŸ˜€

  16. WOW Mik that will be amazing *fingers crossed* :up: I would love to try her out too, I never was a fan of Samsung but I might just change my mind :)some of you asked about the touch screen typing. I had πŸ˜₯ (not anymore) a touch screen phone (HTC). You get used to the keypad on screen and let me tell you I was very fast, I'm currently using a Lg with a qwerty keypad and I'm not nearly as fast! 😦

  17. Again, you'll get used to it. Thumb typing on a QWERTY keyboard is actually the fastest typing style in tests although there's only really a fraction of a second in it between people who know their styles.

  18. Give me one of your networks for a week and you'd see how phones are meant to be. When LTE comes around the world's networks will have some serious problems sticking with the guidelines created with the world's regulatory bodies.

  19. I am getting it. One of only 50 in the world to be given it. I've since found two of the others and we're all a little impatient about it now. :wait:

  20. Or get annoyed when the reviews turn out to be honest and based on legitimate testing instead of pro-insert-company-here gushing fanboy build ups …

  21. :coffee: I've been trying to get back into this role for ages now. Looks like most of the companies don't run things like this anymore, or have different people each time. :awww:

  22. Actually the ambassadors fulfill two roles – marketing, and feedback. Feedback from ambassadors is regularly used in new firmware updates. One of the most asked for features during the S60 Ambassador's program was for more items to be shown on the active standby screen. That's been integrated into S60 over the past six months or so.

  23. Could do. Ambassadors are at the forefront, reporting back how well features are received by their friends and suggesting new things.

  24. Tried that. I also suggested to S60 Ambassadors that the top so many (making sure Clint and I were in that number) get an N97 to show off. Neither worked. :awww:

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