Introducing The Nokia 5730 Xpress Music

Things Worth Knowing That Aren’t In The Press Release
Despite the addition of the previously S60 Touch only active standby contacts bar, this is actually an S60v3 Feature Pack 2 phone. It has 140MB phone memory expandable via microSD cards and 128MB RAM so expect to run a lot of applications at once.
There’s an extra active standby style being debuted in this model called Talking Theme. If it does what it’s name implies, using the phone could give a very Knight Rider experience.
The 2.4 inch screen switches resolutions automatically when the QWERTY keyboard is slid out.
Dedicated music keys enhance the music player experience.
The phone will ship with an 8GB memory card but recognises up to 32GB.
The 5730 will be available in red, blue, pink and black trim colours.

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is Nokia’s first music-optimized device to offer a full QWERTY keyboard – ideal for quick messaging. The heart of this music device is the Homescreen for XpressMusic, providing access and dynamic information on music, people, games, email and calendar. The Homescreen features an improved contacts bar with up to 20 friends and family members and provides direct access to music, N-Gage and other applications, like Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts, Maps, messaging and more. With Ovi Contacts, people see which friends are online, chat and even view what music they are listening to.

The Music shortcut offers a quick access to the music stored on the device as well as to the Nokia Music Store where they can find for information on artists, music and over-the-air downloads, directly on the device. With the dedicated gaming keys the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is a true N-Gage gadget. Direct access to the N-Gage Arena community and the preloaded N-Gage games invite to connect and compete and check high scores with online friends. Nokia also launched the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-110 to keep the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic firmly in place.

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2009 for an estimated retail price of 280 EUR before subsidies and taxes.

~ From The Press Release ~

There’s a hell of a lot to like about the 5730 but I feel that the colouring will appeal more to the Sidekick generation and the price may well push them out of the market. Still, those who can afford it will find a solid new smartphone with fashion phone styling and some great ideas taken from Nokia’s other series. When this makes its way onto the Comes With Music service (pay more for the phone but get a years worth of unlimited music downloads) it’ll quickly become the star of the show.


49 thoughts on “Introducing The Nokia 5730 Xpress Music

  1. I think the colour is cool. I am not sure I want a phone with the querty keyboard though, not when I use PC for mail/blog/heavy communication. I do fine sms-texting on the regular little keys on the phone.The price surprises me a bit – it doesn't at all look like a phone at that price range.

  2. I'm not sure about the colour, but I like the fact that Nokia Comes With Music actually have struck a licensing deal :up:

  3. For people like me though it's a definite possibility. The QWERTY keyboard adds a lot to the online experience, but I do wish the number keypad was gone and the screen was larger instead.I've been holding off on posting this until it was confirmed by Nokia themselves although I read a pretty in depth preview earlier in the year and it struck me how much a phone like this could introduce regular people to smartphones earlier on in life.

  4. Soon as they finish off the DRM-free music store it'll actually be worth a look, Rose. Until then… Well, I bought some tracks at the music store that I couldn't find elsewhere and when I reset my phone it counted as a new device they were being installed on. As I reset often to keep my phone running smoothly they stopped working after a while. :irked:

  5. You're kidding?! A reset counts a new device?As far as I've heard, DRM is on the way out. Finally the record companies are realizing that they have to think outside the box. Interesting times ahead, I think… Particularly with the Pirate Bay trial in Sweden.

  6. Just updated the sidebox with more details that I thought I'd already posted, including the different colours it'll be available in. Newly announced is plain black trim so it wont be so tacky after all.

  7. Did you try keeping a backup of the unique id that they load on your phone before resetting? Different software does it differently, but it's usually either a hidden text file or an empty dummy directory (folder) with a fancy code for a name.

  8. Doesn't work for me Aadil. I have to redownload that file whenever I go to play a song after resetting, even when I keep it. And each download of that file counted as a new device. :irked:.Rose, I know for a fact that Sony Ericsson are working on DRM free music for their phones and that Nokia is desperately working out license details to compete with it. It's about time. Data Protection can be so easily broken these days by people who know what they're doing that the only people it's a hassle for are those of us who are willing to pay for our music. This episode drove me to download free illegal copies of songs I wanted, using the reasoning that I'd already bought it on tape or CD at some point so they've had their money.

  9. So it's probably lost cookies then. I still say that the traditional concept of copyright is out dated in today's high tech world. It's just too easy to transfer content from one person to another. And, like you said, it's simply not possible to copy protect something in such a way as to prevent the criminally intent from making and distributing illegal copies. :irked:.

  10. Yeah. Music devices usually have an application on called Music Store or you can access it via PC and download to your phone/whatever you play music through that way. The prices are normally quite cheap. I'm paying 80p per track or £8 per album no matter how many tracks are on it (which was why I got the two disc Judas Priest collection from there). Comes With Music are the packages Nokia is selling where you pay a bit extra for the phone (usually £50-£100) and get unlimited free downloads for a year. Anything you download is yours to keep after that year, but you'll have to start paying for anything new you want after that time.

  11. Can I download music from me phone? Awww, but I only have a 200MB plan. :awww: But maybe one or two tracks won't hurt. I'm starting to use me computer less and less, and using the mobile much more.

  12. ZAR3336. Typical isn't it. You, me and Kim upgrade to smartphones and good ones too then the smartphone world goes through more hardware changes in a year than it has in the past 5. :irked:

  13. What phone memory and RAM are you three running? I recommended a phone to both Clint and Kim. They got it and then the hardware world changed around us making those phones nowhere near as powerful as they had been before.

  14. Ah! Now I getcha. :up:. I have about 45Mb ram of which about 22Mb is available when jbaktaskman is running. After two or three hours of Operamini, I have to reboot my phone or risk having the operating system close all my j2me apps! 😆

  15. I bet QWERTY with thumbs only feels pretty weird.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen someone in IT typing that way. 😦

  16. yeah I saw this phone I love it 😀 but it's too expensive 😥 …i may get the older cheaper cousin to it.

  17. Couple of weeks ago this sick dude showed me some crap video on his phone where people get cut up like sheep :yuck: not pretty and that spitbbq is a gruesome reminder :yuck:

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