Treasure Hunt

In an effort to advertise their upcoming Resident Evil 5 game (released this Friday so don’t expect to see me for a while) Capcom will be running a treasure hunt across London. The person who collects the most valuable parts and gets to Westminster Bridge will win a trip to Africa. Yeah, that’s right, I said “parts”. Rather than have a regular treasure hunt, Capcom officials will be placing fake arms, legs, torsos and heads around the city. The winners will be walking through the city to Westminster Bridge holding what appears to be parts of a dismembered body, which I’m sure will go down well with both the general public and rather trigger-happy police force in that city.

Prediction – This is not going to end well…


26 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. And while a lot of people would search for body parts, some real sick murderers will use opportunity to cut their victims and walk carelessly with their parts, pretending to be game lovers….. :insane:

  2. 😆 Darko!It's a fun idea, though a bit horrible. I wonder how many newsagents will think it's true at first, and if we'll hear about it here…

  3. Problem is, once people have played the game they wont ever want to go to Africa if the designers do their job properly. :insane: I'll be practicing my shooting for when I visit Clint. :devil:

  4. For a short moment I saw the add for the new Resident Evil before my eyes: 2 weeks of holidays in fascinating Sierra-Leone incl. flight, hotel, drinks, AK47

  5. Whats a panga? The use of a broken beer bottle is clear. It is for the local version of plastic surgery, isn't it?

  6. A panga is the african version of a machete. It's also sometimes referred to as a cane knife, but panga is the more common word for it. 😀

  7. Looks like my prediction may well come true at some point. Only half of the body parts were returned for prizes although all of them were taken from the places they were left in. Somewhere in London are the parts from several bodies and no-one knows where.

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