Coffee & Cigarettes, Alone With Your Thoughts

The idea was simple – take a few weeks off to refresh myself and come back with a vengeance. I found that when I did that during the Fable II release I felt much better about this place and this page had some great things happen to it when I returned. Unfortunately, like all great plans, there were a couple of snags to be ironed out. Friends having birthdays all during the time I’m away (sorry to those I missed), some redesigns of blogthemes I’ve done just sitting there waiting to go live, some very interesting group invites, and some of the bigger news in the mobile tech industry mean I’ve been online more often than I meant to be during this period.

Resident Evil 5 is a wonderful game by the way. It’s been refined over and over until it’s almost perfect. The problem is that Resident Evil 4 was refined over and over until it was perfect. Almost doesn’t cut it anymore and small problems like those you’d forgive in any other game really stand out in something of this calibre. It also boasts enemies who aren’t as reactive as Resi 4’s. In 4 if I shot someone they’d react, no matter what they’re doing. In 5 I can hit a group of enemies with a rocket launcher and they’ll all die except the one who’s climbing over a fence. He’ll finish climbing then just drop dead on the other side. As hitting the player is one of the things they finish doing before they realise they’re dead it just feels a bit cheap. Still, it’s explorable as hell with many solutions to each problem (running like hell is an option for three of the main boss fights in the game) and lots of things to find if you’re willing to risk dying while exploring. I’ve been playing for almost 50 hours now (got my amateur playtime down to three hours) and still haven’t done everything. If anyone’s thinking of playing it, make sure you’ve got a friend to play with – it’s about five times more fun when played co-operatively especially if you try to screw each other over.

For those wondering, I still don’t know if I’m getting my hands on one of those gorgeous Samsung Omnia HD phones yet. The competition ends at the end of this month so I should find out then if they’re willing to let the biggest hardcore user put it through it’s paces.

Oh, a bit of important news for my many mobile readers. Nokia has very unsurprisingly decided to close down their MOSH website. Too many cracked applications and pornographic images made the place a nightmare to legislate so they’re closing it down in time for the opening of their Ovi Store. I’ll be downloading my uploads again and starting a repository of them elsewhere for your enjoyment, especially the old TV theme tunes (remember, if anyone finds the old Dungeons & Dragons theme tune, please send it to me).

One last thing before I disappear again. You know that really annoying Nokia ringtone? The one that everyone uses at top volume when they’ve never had a phone before. Well, it’s been rewritten for the Ovi generation and it’s become one of the more elegant ringtones out there. I’ve got a copy now with an accompanying message alert and I’m sharing it here for you guys. It’s well worth forcing onto all new mobile owners you know.


10 thoughts on “Coffee & Cigarettes, Alone With Your Thoughts

  1. Hey man. :coffee:I always use the standard Nokia ringtone and message tone. You know, the one that goes tun- tun.- tun turutu tun turun

  2. 😆 "He'll finish climbing and then just drop dead on the other side." thank you for the Nokia tune.I didn't like this one either.:D

  3. Glad you enjoyed the game. :yes: Still keeping my fingers crossed for you to get the Omnia… No one would test drive it better that I know! Ring tone is much more soothing… I wouldn't use it, only because I likely wouldn't hear it, but you are right, it's much, much less abrasive! Current favorite is intro to Guns N Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" I can always hear it no matter how loud the kid and the dog are! :headbang:

  4. Mosh closing? Shit.. Still need to download some stuff there that I've put off for way too long.. Might as well kill my last bit of data with it :ko: ooh ringtone

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