Eagle Eye

I’ve just finished watching a movie called Eagle Eye and my two word review is “Holy Fuck!” This is a big budget action movie with the emphasis on big. Seriously, I’ve never seen so much destruction happen in a movie and anyone that knows me knows I watch a lot of movies. So yeah, spectacular stunts. Without giving away the entire premise of the movie, there’s not much else I can say about it.

The basic plot is simple enough: Jerry is a chancer and a bit of a loser compared to his twin brother. When Jerry returns home from his brother’s funeral he finds that $750,000 have been deposited in his bank account and a load of weaponry, military vehicle specifications and bomb materials have been delivered to his apartment. A phone call alerts him to the fact that the FBI are on their way to his apartment and that the evidence against him is overwhelming, and tells him he’s been activated. From here on out, Jerry is manipulated by some unseen party who wants him to carry out an unknown plan, chased by the FBI as a suspected terrorist, teamed with others who have been activated and drawn deeper and deeper into whatever is going on.

Furie’s Favourites: Crane, Wrecking Yard, Tunnel, “Coffee machines have timers…”

Rating: 10/10 – This film couldn’t be any more perfect using modern technology for it’s style than it already is.

This film feels like Die Hard did when it first came out. Ridiculous premise and plot, but so much action so realistically portrayed that you just don’t care. You’ll spend half the film with your mouth wide open at the destruction that happens around the protagonists and the machinations of those that are manipulating them, as well as how much they’re capable of (the first car chase into the wrecking yard is astounding). This is a total beer and pizza movie, not to be taken seriously while watching but amazing amounts of fun if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, just like Die Hard.


20 thoughts on “Eagle Eye

  1. Wow – a perfect ten! Funnily, I can't remember seeing anything about this, but I'll check the video rental store the next time I'm there.

  2. At a moment I thought it was a post about Eagle-Eye Cherry πŸ˜† :doh:I haven`t heard for that one but hopefully it will be in our cinemas :up:

  3. Funny you say that Sam, cause we both thought the trailer was awesome but then when we saw the dvd in the rental store we couldn't remember anythin about it, other than it looked awesome πŸ˜†

  4. wow… I was about to post a review about this movie as well. It kinda slipped me. I had already watched this months ago. I just remembered today πŸ˜›

  5. Previous town: 3 dvd storesNew town: 2 dvd stores and some mini rental placeEagle Eye: 0Welcome to South Africa :lol:.I really need to see this film now Dean! :insane:

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