Bluetooth 3.0

According to reports, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group will release Bluetooth 3.0 later this month.

The new release will include a specification for High Speed Bluetooth, allowing transfer data at greatly increased speeds and giving Bluetooth-enabled handsets many abilities beyond the more commonly used voice transmission to a mobile headset, such as pairing of Bluetooth with WLAN or UWB for wireless video streaming with increased image integrity. Seriously, video streaming via Bluetooth! Can you imagine how fast image sharing will be?

The new Bluetooth specification also includes an Enhanced Power Control feature to make Bluetooth connections more tolerant of rapid power fades and reduce the occurrence of disconnects due to fluctuating connection strengths.

The new standard is expected to appear on devices built in 2010.


9 thoughts on “Bluetooth 3.0

  1. A little, yeah. πŸ™„ Fast enough to preserve data content when sending. It'll also be usable with UWB and Wi-Fi, boosting the speeds by ten and one hundred times respectively.

  2. Yeah, different manufacturers do have problems. Nokia to Nokia is fast as anything. SE to SE is equally fast. But SE to Nokia keeps dropping the connection. :irked:

  3. Interesting! :sherlock:. A freines phone won't receive bluetooth. It establishes an initial connection, then it splutters a bit and then the connection dies. :left:. Could it be because it's a Samsung? :eyes:.

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