This is a beautiful phone. It’s called the Aeon and built by Nokia. Until recently we were under the impression that this was just a concept phone and would never be built.

So what changed recently? Well, a film came out called the Echelon Conspiracy, prominently featuring this phone in all it’s glory.

For more on this gorgeous shiny phone, check out the Nokia Users website.


33 thoughts on “Aeon

  1. Interesting looking phone. :D.Is it just me, or is there something wierd about that website? :left:.It won't flow text to fit my screen thus causing of so have to scroll left and right constantly to read it. :confused:.

  2. Wow… I suppose that's the end of the camera phone though πŸ˜† The thing is amazing.. If you can do that, what else can you do? :eyes: The possiblities are endless… or there are a lot of them at least πŸ˜›

  3. Never had a Nokia? I didn't think that was possible. :worried: Next you'll be saying that you've never held a new phone (usually one that's been out for two or three years) directly out in front of you in the middle of town to show it off to everyone as you walk down the street. :rolleyes:.It means you get to visit your church and worship me again, Darko my child. :yes:

  4. Nokia sucks. :p I've had a Motorola, Siemens and a few different SE phones.Don't know what the next will be, but I'd really like a touch one now…

  5. I've had two Siemenses and both were new.Never Nokia, I disliked its design.I am now afraid that I admitted this.

  6. I go with what has the features I need. Obviously I always get my phones SIM free as contract and pay and go phones have features cut out by the networks and can't get firmware updates. This means they cost more than usual but I get more usage out of them so it pretty much evens out timewise, and I get to play with the latest features earlier than most people as they get tested in firmware updates before they're put on new phones.I've had Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemans, Sagem, you name it. The best for feature phones are Sony Ericsson. Best for smartphones are Nokia. Nokia is starting to take over the feature phone market again though as they bring their feature phones more in line with their smartphones. The current S40 specifications are pretty damn amazing. I just wish they'd put full multi-tasking in to compete fully with the SE feature phones on their own level.

  7. I have a feeling that as soon as the Iphone was out Nokia bought one and ripped it apart piece by piece to see how it worked :left:

  8. You gotta remember, most users only use stuff on their phone that was created on their phone, or downloaded specially for them. WMA? Not high on most people's lists.Nokia have the best touchscreen series out at the moment Rosie. Look up the Nokia 5800. :up:

  9. I don't bother with shiny. My Nokia is bog standard, and I'm happy with it. It's play whatever I want it to play, sends texts and calls, and doesn't break when I drop it. Perfect πŸ˜€

  10. Actually the other way around. Nokia had a touchscreen smartphone in 2004, three years before the iPhone came out but they didn't bother committing much to the project. According to interviews from that time touchscreen wasn't a major part of their strategy for quite a few years. Unfortunately the iPhone took off due to being overhyped to people who've never played with a half decent phone before, so Nokia brought out a touchscreen version of their current operating system earlier than their planned release of the Symbian Foundation OS so they wouldn't lose customers who were easily lured by something shiny.

  11. :lol:He sounds almost like me. I need phone for making calls, send text messages and go to check my Gmail and Opera acounts when I am in a bus πŸ˜€

  12. I don't have the time to check anything on Opera Mini :faint: I get too many alerts to do anything, especially since I have a credit phone.

  13. I sold my iPhone already. Now I'm back to my N90. Now I remember why I got a new phone… I hate flips and I think I have to change the batteries. I have to charge it everyday and most of the time it just turns off on its own. Cool phone btw.

  14. actually it's just right.. I'm just afraid someone might take it away from me. Phone snatching is very popular here in the Philippines. and I am the very least of tiny :lol:I'm the tallest in my class… ever since gradeschool (girls only, some boys are taller… but few).I'm a 5'9" πŸ™‚ tall for most asians (malay race)I switched to my other former phone… Nokia 3220. I remember asking that for my birthday during my 2nd year HS because I like the glowing lights at the sides πŸ˜† my N90 needs a change of battery. It won't charge or open anymore.

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