Apple Owners Shake Babies

See how long you can endure
his or her adorable cries before you
just have to find a way to quiet the
baby down!

The image you’re seeing and the line you just read are from an application for Apple’s iPhone, a game where the object is to shake a baby until it passes out (causing those cartoon red X’s to appear over it’s eyes). This application was approved by the Apple App Store (which has turned down web browsers because they allow users to view questionable content and eBooks because the author used the word “Fuck” once in the 200 page novel) as being suitable for all ages and put on sale for only 99 cents.

Following the inevietable public outcry the application was pulled from the store and Apple put out a public apology. Too little too late if you ask me. Seriously Apple, what the fuck were you thinking letting it on in the first place?


22 thoughts on “Apple Owners Shake Babies

  1. Disgusting, isn't it. Kim told me about this one and when I researched it I couldn't believe how vulgar it was.Sure, at heart it's the same premise as those dolls some countries give their schoolkids to teach them that a child is a responsibility not just something cute to play with. They have the same program – cry a bit and monitor for shaking.But the way this was marketed… Well, you all saw the quote. They're sensationalising child abuse basically.

  2. Yes Mik it is very disgusting. Apple should know better than that, it is like teaching people to kill a crying baby. :irked:

  3. WTF?! :mad:I've never heard anything so ridiculous! :mad:- And yes. I'm up. Making breakfast for Kimmie. :love:

  4. You're talking about a company that gets a share of the retail price from all sold applications. They approved a $999.99 "application" that just puts a Jewel icon on the screen for the application icon. It doesn't open an application, as the jewel itself is the status symbol application to prove you've got money to waste on frivolous things like that.:rolleyes:

  5. Maybe "Wolf Hunter"? :p Friends of mine have iphones, they laugh at my CU 400. It's not a smart phone, it's banged up a bit. it doesn't play .swf files, but when I fire up Mini, they're all :yikes: Β I think it's safe to say that Apple still hasn't learned it's lesson. It's just the corporate mindset there. It's a shame that there wasn't more backlash.

  6. You tell those friends that the iPhone doesn't have the Furie seal of approval. If they don't even know what that is then they don't know enough about phones to gloat. :yes:

  7. That is utterly disgusting and very wrong of Apple to have put it out there to begin with. All companies think about now-a-days is how to make a buck, and don't give a shit about what others might think.

  8. Whoever programmed that thing should be strapped to a centrifuge that doesn't have an off switch. :irked:. as for Apple's poor choice of allowing it in the first place, :rolleyes:.

  9. Perhaps "friends" was too strong a word, Mik. They want to know where to download it from, I give 'em the addy. They tell me they can't d/l it, I πŸ˜† and tell 'em they have the wrong settings, which I give 'em. Then I give 'em at&t's toll free # when the settings don't work. :devil:

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