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Got anything planned for the 1st of June? Maybe you’re going on holiday or have tickets to a concert? Maybe you’ve arranged a date this far in advance? Or maybe, like me, you’ll be mourning the loss of Widsets and the fact that I’ll be losing well over 4,000 regular readers in one day. I got an e-mail, as has every user of Widsets, telling me that Widsets is being closed down and the service rolled into the Ovi Store as of the 1st of June. Yeah, slight problem there – it means that those of us who have widgets hosted on there will lose them unless we can quickly learn to program Web Runtime widgets.

I made a widget almost as soon as I could do so on Widsets and it fast became the highest rated (over 10% of my loyal readers have rated my widget, a much higher ratio than most professional widgets get) and most used personal blog widget on the service. I’m trying to come up with a way for my regular Widsets readers to continue reading this page with the ease they currently do via Widsets and I’m drawing a blank at the moment. The best I’ll be able to do is put up the link for my RSS and e-mail feeds and hope that some of you will copy it down to continue reading. For those that I lose, I just hope you’ve enjoyed my posts so far and that you’ve had as much fun reading them as I have researching and writing them.


13 thoughts on “Migration

  1. It's web runtime right? That means you can use a pre-made RSS reader written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to fetch your feed. All you'll need to know is how to make a HTML and CSS widget in web runtime. Then you'll add the custom JavaScript file to the code.Perhaps someone has already created the source code for such a widget, and it's available for download somewhere.

  2. That's the idea. It's meant to be a one stop service for all your needs when finished. I was hoping Widsets would still be available to download though. :irked:

  3. Currently only companies can sign up to Ovi Store to publish content. Rumour has it this will be expanded to invited developers by the end of 2009. So we're looking at midway through 2010 (a year from the end of Widsets) before I'd be able to migrate my readers using the current set-up.Besides, Web Runtime isn't a well known environment amongst non-techies yet and there aren't all that many phones out there that support it. I'd probably get between 2% and 5% migration. This way everyone who could use Widsets can retain the ability to read my content the way they choose, if they wish.Having said that, I will be looking into rewidgetizing my page when Ovi Store allows individuals to publish content. Once I'm on there I'll be allowing a download from here of a decent widget or application too. I'm thinking of a multi-feed widget collecting from my groups as well.

  4. That stinks! :irked: it doesn't affect me though, I never did get going on widsets. :whistle:.This reminds me of your post about backing up your blog,

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