No More T-Shirts?

I just got a really depressing e-mail from the S60 Ambassadors group.

Hi Mik,

I just wanted to personally inform you about this not-so-happy news.

As you can see in the blog post I just wrote (, the S60 Ambassador program is ending.

I will be handing over more and more to Mike (who will continue until June). I will continue to be available should you need to reach me. I'll also continue to post on our blog until the program officially ends on May 30. Before you ask, I haven't made any plans yet on what I am going to be doing next! 🙂

You've been one of our very best Ambassadors, and I want to personally thank you for all the enthusiasm, energy and passion you have brought to the program. On more than one occasion, reading one of your reports made my day. A big THANK YOU for sharing all those stories with us. I am not saying goodbye yet, but I do wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Keep up that positive spirit!



First MOSH closes down and takes most of my free applications away from me, then Widsets takes the majority of my readers by closing down and now the Ambassador program is closing meaning I'll have to start paying for my t-shirts and wont get any more little freebies… The Ovi Store better be made of gold for this.


21 thoughts on “No More T-Shirts?

  1. It's probably a form letter with names changed. Bet you Clint got the same one. If he is taking time to personally respond to everyone then major respect to the guy (especially after the fight he had with DHL to get those phones back from me).

  2. Up until the last paragraph, I might have agreed that it was a generic message with your name inserted. That last one makes me think otherwise.At least My Opera isn't closing down. :up::hopes he hasn't just jinxed it :awww::

  3. You know, some of the reliability goes when they do stunts like this, calling you "one of our very best Ambassadors" – and writing that to everybody.I remember ordering a catalogue from a company who is selling clothes. I didn't buy anything, I was just curious. And a year and after that they keep sending me offers because I was "one of their best customers"… 🙄

  4. Some people are pathetic enough to believe it. Although Mik is probably the best S60 ambassador there is. With or without the program. He convinced me to go S60. :left:.

  5. I'm well known for changing people over to what phone or operating system I'm using. It usually comes from how much I do with my phones. Hell, they cost so much and I'm too cheap not to get the most out of them.Having said that, it comes with a price. The back to my main phone has been bulging recently so I thought I'd dropped it. Just thought to check the battery and that's where the bulge comes from. It's swollen up to one and a half times it's normal size. Not good. As I don't want the damn thing exploding on me I'm reverting to my old phone until I can buy a new battery.

  6. Older phones had to be switched of while charging. With modern phones you can keep them float-charged because the chargers are the 'demand' type that only supply when needed. But that only applies to some phones and only with the original charger. The chargers made by third party manufacturers are downright dangerous! :insane:.Lithium Ion batteries carry a hefty punch. The average mobile phone battery is the equivalent of twenty zinc-carbon batteries.

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